Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo (c) Mary Nida Smith
Sunday evening-Tuesday morning
forever thunder and cloudburst
gully washers and flooding.
Prayers bring dry land
followed with prayers of rain.
We just can't get it right.


Missy said...

I love those bird houses in the picture.

fivecoat said...

It seems we cannot strike a reasonable balance with the weather anymore. We want it to get warm and we get 100 degree temps. Now when we want it to cool, it will snow! Have you seen all of the wooly worms in the road already. That usually doesn't happen at least until August.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

I wonder why so many people are attracted to bird houses. I know I enjoy them, maybe more than the birds do.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Fivecoat- No Kerri I haven't seen any wooly worms. It appears winter will run over fall. But, I love Fall. The air is heavy with moisture.
It was nice seeing you last Saturday. I am sorry we didn't have time to visit.