Friday, July 30, 2010

SUZANNE LIEURANCE Suzanne will be be the speak at The Ozarks Writers & Illustrators for Children's second annual summer workshop Saturday July 31.
Some of the members including me from the North Central Children's Writers & Illustrators will be there. I loved their first workshop and I am looking forward to this one. This is my learning and fun day. Join us. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

POEMS: Author David L. Harrison's blog. Vote for your favorite July poem -

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mountain Home, Arkansas
Picture of our new library.
Open in September
The Twin Lakes Writers (1998) and the North Central Children's Writers
& Illustrators (2010) will be holding there regular meetings there
starting in September. I am proud to be the founder and president of both groups.
And I am very excited about our new library. I am a board member of the Friends of the Library.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy. Thanks for allowing me to follow you around. The bottom of a drawer in a storage chest broke in my studio. Because of you, I knew what to do. I became a jack of all trades and a master of none. I was and I am still learning. I love discovering new things for life has so much to offer.
Dramatic Dialogue: Steps to Great Conversation Dialogue Watch your he said, she said.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

North Central Children’s Writers & Illustrators meeting Saturday was a success. As we learn we are having fun and making friends. We critiqued, asked questions and added helpful comments. Each member has knowledge to share. I love it!

Handouts we glanced over, asked questions and again made comments.
1. What to look for when critiquing.
2. Read & dismantle the type of book you want to write.
3. When Is Your Narrator? Picking the Right Tense/Be the Story. By Timothy King
4. Writers and Illustrators Guidelines (How to read The Children’s Writers Market Book.)
5. Writing or/and creating a “rebus” for Highlights For Children magazine.
6. Old copies of the SCBWI Bulletin.

Resources for Authors & Artist: Most have enewsletters to subscribe to.
· The Horn Book: Publication about books for children and young adults.
· The Children’s Book Council
· The Institute of Children’s Literature
· Elizabeth Kennedy –
· Publishers Weekly Children’s enewsletter

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Deer in the Woodland Garden: I was excited to learn and see a young buck and his doe spending time in my garden trimming and mowing/grazing for the past week. Took not-so-clear photos.
Yesterday morning the young buck returned with a second doe. I took more photos; closer and clear. I'll show them at another time. They have changed their dirty winter gray to a lovely shade of golden tan.
NC Children's Writers & Illustrator meet this Saturday July 24, 1-3 p.m., at Lakeview City Hall across from Beaman Reality. It will be another informative time of sharing, writing and critique.
You are welcome to come and visit with us. If you enjoyed yourself while learning what we are about, you are welcome to return and join in.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mike McArthy will be conducting a book signing and discussion on the Ozarks mills, including visual presentation, on July 22nd at 5:00 pm, in Harrison, Arkansas at the Boone County Library. Address: Boone County Library - 221 W Stephenson, Harrison, AR. 72601, Ph 870-741-
The Historic Ozarks Mills book includes more than 25 old water powered gristmills with histories, locations, stories, folklore, map, and lots of full color photos. These historic sites still exist and you can visit them by book or in person. Take the old mills tour! The Ozarks have some of the best examples of old mills remaining in the country and many happen to be in some of the most beautiful places the USA has to offer (intro below). Collector's edition still available, each is numbered, signed and dated, with only 500 in existence. Get yours before they're history! Mike McArthy of Photozarks will be featured in an upcoming PBS program, which will include the historic Ozarks mills, later this year. Airing dates will be announced in coming weeks. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, go to, find out more about the Historic Ozarks Mills book and the Ozarks beauty in print. Cards, art prints, mills books, photo-shoots, custom projects, presentations, cover & stock photography, all with the Ozarks beauty as the subject. Contact info is below.

Best Photo Awards
~ 2007 * 2008 * 2009 ~ *Featured contributor to "Missouri Life" and "The Ozarks Mountaineer" magazines.
*Ozarks Writers League (OWL) & Ozarks Society member.
Photozarks ~ The Ozarks beauty in printMike McArthyPh (636)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo (c) Mary Nida Smith
Sunday evening-Tuesday morning
forever thunder and cloudburst
gully washers and flooding.
Prayers bring dry land
followed with prayers of rain.
We just can't get it right.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Helpful information for writers/Beware


Click on links
Also, on this website if you do an in-depth research you will
Save yourself a lot of heartaches and headaches. All this information
and other excellent websites such as your favorite authors can lead you be
more knowledgeable in submitting to agents and editors.

There are no quick fixes; if there was - doctors and lawyers wouldn’t have to study or do internship to learn their craft. If they were able to take short-cuts, do you think it would make them qualified to present the best in their profession and would other professional except them?

Friday, July 09, 2010

Writer’s Digest - 9 Ways to Get Started & Stay Motivated

Writer’s Digest - 9 Ways to Get Started & Stay Motivated
Spinning World: My world is spinning. When it stops, where will I be? This is of great interest to me.

Twin Lakes Writers meet Saturday,July 10. For time & place go to I founded this group in the Spring of 1998. I was the president, newsletter editor and whatever, to make it work. I took some time off after the conference I organized, to refocus and work on my career. Last month I was elected to be their president. I feel a little shaky, for now I am the president of two groups. I started the North Central Children's Writers and Illustrators June, 2010.

Don't forget the all day workshop in Springfield, Missouri July 31.

Baxter County Library, Mountain Home, AR needs your help removing and re-tagging books and videos for the move to the new library by July 31. If you can help, please go to the library and say, I am here to help. As a board member of the Friends of the Library - We thank you!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Writing is a constant involvement: Not only in your area, but with other groups where you can learn invaluable insight to your field/genre of creative writing and illustrating. Most of all write everyday.
The second meeting of the North Central Children’s Writers and Illustrators was a great success. Each time new members join they bring fascinating talent to share. You can see our group picture grow at . Nicole, my granddaughter took the photo and she did a great job. Our next meeting is July 24, for on the 31st several members and I will be attending the OZARK WRITERS AND ILLUSTRATORS FOR CHILDREN (OWAIC) July 31, at The Library Station 2535 N. Expressway Springfield, MO.

The Twin Lakes Writers meet the 10th

The new poem of the month is “itch” on David L Harrison’s blog . I submitted one for this month, please join us.
I submitted my kudos to the OWL newsletter, the deadline July 8th.
The Ozarks Mountaineer magazine published my two photos with comments
in the July/August issue.

For a free blog, go to
For a free website, and it come with a free blog.
Bull Shoals Chamber of Commerce uses
Both offer a lot of different useful benefits.

Happy Blessed 4th of July! God has blessed us.