Monday, October 29, 2007

The writing life never prepared me for behind the scenes of a first book release. I have tried to keep the public and friends updated since it was finished; which seems like years ago. It was suppose to be released last Spring, then Fall 06. Now, a limited addition has been released. The publisher is calling this the first printing and there will be a second printing. to meet the request. This is an exciting time and a stressful time. I am grateful for all the congratulations coming from friends and the excitement the book has produced among our submarines friends.

I am beginning to receive notices of upcoming conferences. Jerry Libstaff sent one for the 2008 Watermark Writer's Conference September 26,27 and 28, taking place at Alderbrook Resort on Hood Canal, Washington. Our niece and her husband teach school in that area. I enjoy knowing what is happening with other writers groups. I discover publishers to submit to and learn what new and old friends are doing when I check their websites, blogs and newsletters. Also, check out their links to find research material and helpful information.
Read the different writers groups' newsletters. Also, check out their links to find research materials and other helpful information. I copied the Coeur d' Alene Chapter of the Idaho Writers league newsletter the Lakegazette. I found it filled with 10 pages of information. Nancy Owens Barnes, one of their members has a new book South to Alaska, an exciting non-fiction. Believe it or not, Nancy has an Arkansas connection.

National E-Book Conference will be held at Portland, Oregon, March 6-9, 2008. information is found on page 9 of the above newsletter. Spread your horizons read what other writers are doing. Oh... by the way of all the e-mails I received last week one was from a literary agent who rejected me a few years back. Good agency. I wouldn't mind being a client there.

A cousin, RJ Nida has updated me on his family and my uncle Melvin who lives at Salem, WV. I purchased Jack's new book, Images of Roane County, a history book of the early settlement of that area. My family history dates back to that area in 1740 when they came from Germany. Jean Carper's latest book is out EatSmart, go to Marlene Ford and Jim Yoder have books out on mountain climbing and Jodie Larsen has published several novels to enjoy reading during this winter by a cozy fire.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Time passes quickly-work piles up and it's all in a day. I laugh and cry as I enjoy the day God has honored me with as I try to balance my life of writing and doing what is required duties.

Governor Matt Blunt of Missouri is planning on nominating a state poet laureate. Nominate your favorite poet by December 1st at Information provided by Sylvia Forbes, Freelance writer.

Cara Brookings,contemporary novel Gadget Greek, for middle grade is under contract with Goldminds Publishing, LLC. This is her second novel to be published. Her first novel Doris Free, a historical fiction was published by Mondo Publishing. She is a member of the Arkansas Chapter of SCBWI. Kathy Duffield another member was honored with a letter of merit in the SCBWI Work-in-Progress grant competition this year for her young adult novel. Arkansas SCBWI Spring Conference held at UCA on April 11-12, 2008 will have speakers Jennifer Emmett, editor at National Geographic, Lisa Graff, editor at FSG and author Melanie Hope Greenburg.

Author Jane Yolen will be holding workshops at Columbia, Missouri during November. Click on under November events. Milbre Burch recommends this workshop to all published writers working in the fairytale and fantasy genre. Don't forget SCBWI/Missouri Conference Saturday November 10, 2007 at St. Charles Community College.

This was a greet week for me. One morning I had coffee and molasses cookies with Valerie, one of my writing friends. She provided the cookies. She loves to cook. We both missed our other friend Lonny as she was under the weather. We always have a good time together. Valerie mentioned one can only talk about writing to another writer. If you say you are a writer to a non-writer, they look at you as if you had another eye in the middle of your forehead. Serious writers are professional writers who keep the green monster in check.

I attended the local Arts & Crafts Show. The fairground building was packed with lots of hard working craft people. I saw my friend Dorothy and her husband James Wheeler, of Mountain Home. They both are nature photographers that do outstanding work. I met Lonny Canady from Maumelle, Arkansas. He is a landscape artist whose work took me to imaginary places from my past and where I wish I was again. His paintings take your breath away. He'll be at Mountain View Bean Festival coming up next week. I am glad to see a gourd artist from Bull Shoals still crafting her wonderful imaginary fantasy items. All one needs is some fairy dust and shrinking powder to enter. I love the jewelery created with beautiful stones. You can check out the local craft gift shop on the square at Mountain Home. Plus, I attended the Bull Shoals Art Show where the it gets bigger each year. They are a dedicated art group of enjoyable people.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Audubon Society, Arts Center and writing organizations. For every genre or writing interest there is a group to join; Dog Writers Association, Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators, Garden Writers Association of America, America Society of Journalists & Authors, and many more can be found at the back of the Writer's Market. In each group will be members with one or more blogs where you will learn and can ask questions.

Check out where you can learn more about the Juvenile Writers of Kansas City and check out Christine's Friends and Favorite sites where you will receive lots of good information.

I am stepping out more and more. The writing business is a lonely one. When I was writing articles for magazines and newspapers I was out talking to people. Then, I decided I wanted to spend my writing time I squeezed out each day on my fiction and non-fiction books for children and adults. I hate unfinished projects. Unfinished writings and continuously writing for free is a dead end. I must stay focus. Deadlines keep me focused and this is what I must place on myself.

I was unable to go out for a few years to different organizations where I could learn more about the subjects I am writing about because of our little ill miniature dachshund who needed me. She went on a long journey April 13, 2005 -Black Friday! I wanted to place Baby Girl's picture down here, but she decided she wanted to be placed where everyone could see her. She loved to go for rides before she reached the age of nineteen.
Last Monday, I went to the Audubon Society where I learned about bears, spiders, birds and photography. I have wanted to check out the Olde main Street Arts Center in Yellville. I wasn't disappointed. The crafts were nicely displayed. The crafters I spoke to were filled with excitement to first of all have the owners believe in what they were creating and encouraging them to expand their talents. Every town needs a place for creative people to express themselves. This type of creativity and music expressions can only enhance a community.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Writers, Conferences & Books: Check out Kerri Fivecoat-Campell at http://www.writerforyou,biz/htm to learn more about her business as an award winning writer, columnist and photojournalist. Click on http// to read her interviews with authors, writers and other business people.

Ozarks Creative Writers Inc., 39th Annual Conference, October 11,12, & 13, 2007 at Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Saturday November 3, Velda Brotherton's Fall Workshop will be at Ozark Folkways south of Winslow, Arkansas
Maumelle, Arkansas is having a Writers Conference November 3, 2007

Eccentric America by Jan Friedman is a wonderful book to use while traveling. The kids will love it. Kids just reading the book will produce a silly giggle and a smile from ear to ear. The book is loaded with interesting places to visit that will have you amazed - people with fascinating and extraordinary hobbies. This is a great source for travel writers and for writers of children's stories and books. Many small towns with outlandish sights were put on the map after being mentioned in one of Friedman's books. Such as Cottonwood, Idaho under 2,000 population with their Dog Bark Park. It has been written up in magazines and been shown on television shows.

Check out Bats at the Beach, a picture book by Brian Lies. I love sitting on the summer porch at dusk to watch the bats come to the Fly-In Yard Light Cafe for their evening meal. The past two weeks we have been enjoying and feeding a fox that has been visiting our woodland garden. Didn't see it today as this is a holiday week-end.

Nature and flowers bring peace and tranquility to my door.