Thursday, February 15, 2007

Newspapers, Blogs and Links: My mind was racing this morning of all I wanted to put on my blog. It is late afternoon where I feel my mind has gone on vacation. I wish I could rush to my studio office when my mind is filled with excitement for the world of writing and blogs. Sonny Garrett, Senior Writer for The Baxter Bulletin did a book review of HELLFIRE CANYON by Max McCoy. You can read it on their website. Check out Sonny's blog, also Larry Brody and Linda Masters.

Max said he would preview a copy of my book, SUBMARINES STORIES OF WORLD WAR II for Red Engine Press. Check out his website In his -Links- you will find the U.S. Navy Submarine Force Museum - Home of USS Nautilus. My husband was abroad on TAD as Sonarman July 28, 1958 when they went to the North Pole. On the museum's links you will find the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc that leads to the link mentioned below my book in my last post.

One of my biggest supporters placed my book information on her blog She is the one that keeps me going. She has an older brother and a younger sister. All three have special bloodlines to my heart; they keep it filled with love.

Check out the Yarmspinner & Wordweavers and the military e-zine Salute at This year the Military Writers Society of America will hold their conference in Branson, Missouri.

Today is slowly closing down. I am ready to enjoy a beautiful sunset, take a deep breathe, and be thankful for all this day has supplied.

Friday, February 09, 2007

BOOK RELEASE: I never know what to start my blog with. Today, I believe I will start with a great piece of news. Our book, SUBMARINE STORIES OF WORLD WAR II for ages ten and up will be released by June from Red Engine Press. Red Engine Press is a small independent publisher. It was started by Pat McGrath Avery under the name River Road Press. It merged with Red Engine Press. I will start a blog or create a website to place future information about the book, the submarine veterans who shared their stories, submarine sites, books, all my friends associated with this special organization, HS-7 Helicopter history, and the U-505. I have recieved request for the book. For more information go to

Monday, February 05, 2007

Snow, writing and photos - My Arkansas native husband left his snow shovel in Idaho when we returned to the SOUTH. South can mean a lot of different things; south of town, south of the North Pole, facing south, opposite to north, south of the Mason and Dixon's line, south for the winter and south of the border. South doesn't mean warn in the winter. We live twenty miles south of the Missouri border. Family members in the south, I mean in ARkansas, informed me if it snowed it would only last a day or two. But, they forgot to tell me how long their days were - stretching into a day or two. Compared to Idaho and Wisconsin where I have shoveled and shoveled snow, Arkansas had only a dusting. A dusting of snow is better than ice storms, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.

Weather that keeps this writer home bound allows more quality time to write and reflect. I couldn't find the right voice in writing my non-fiction picture books. I played around with several voices. I believe I found the right one for my fungi book that will entice children to enter, read, and be entertained.

I love to take photos in my Mulberry Garden (a woodland garden) of angel statues, bird houses and birdbaths. The snow creates a clean appearance hiding the fallen leaves and untidiness of a wild winter garden.

A garden of peace is created by cultivating a quiet praying spirit and the wisdom to live in harmony with nature.