Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oh, the ups and downs of a writer. Many of the days I resigned myself to give up the whole writing thing. To become involved in hobbies that allow me to float through life. Just to enjoy gardening, sewing, painting, puttering around the house, on the deck and the summer porch. Last Friday, I spent the day with my husband in my woodland garden raking, trimming and watering. I get so involved with my mud turtles, woodpeckers and other birds, a tree-legged raccoon and insects. I could watch them from sunrise to dawn until the bats disappear into darkness blocking my view. Sometimes, I do have the opportunity to sit on the summer porch to count a few stars and see how the moon will shape-up. Everywhere inside the house and out are affiliated with wildlife and the out-of-doors. such as birdhouses, fishing, nests, feathers, bird cages and a large black cricket on the fireplace hearth for good luck. One of the neighbors gave my husband two bird houses for watering their plants while they were on a trip. Why visiting my family at Naperville in August, my daughter and granddaughters after touring through several neat little shops presented me with a large white box with a bright pink bow. It was so pretty I hated to open it, but I did. What a surprise, a pedestal dish. The base was the form of a tree trunk with two male cardinals. Beautiful.

You can read between the lines I know you can. You are saying to yourself and to whoever will listen, she just received a rejection. So, you are right. I checked the publisher at and they had changed the editor after receiving my manuscript. This editor has different request on the type of books she would like to see. Oh, well... I already feel better. Once I reorganize my studio office and the large folding table in the guest room, I'll be excited to get back to writing. The love of my life for it places me into many different corners of the world.

I have finished several projects that need to be floating out in never, never land where I hope editors will snag one or two as trophies to become books. Sometimes, I allow myself to think about finding a partner to work on some of my non-fiction books. But, I'm a little crazy I see things... the world different than most people. I am like a butterfly that loves to try the nectar from all types of flowers. Writing is a passion to die-hard writers. Write on! See you on the printed page.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Books and Idaho Company: We had a special week filled with family from Nampa, Idaho. We visited the Ralph Foster Museum on the campus of the College of the Ozarks at Point Lookout, Missouri. We didn't go through the one room Star Schoolhouse north of the museum. No one can see everything in a day. We always enjoy our lunches at The Keeter Center's Dobyns Dining Room. We love that place check it out at, and Had lunch one day at Gaston Resort, went to the new Jim Gaston White River/Bull Shoals Visitors Center where I took photos of a Road Runner peering in the window and learned it was a female by its markings. Plus, we went to Top O'the Ozarks Tower and to several interesting gift shops at Cotter. White Mist Gifts of Cotter is filled with many local artisans works.

ZODIAC The Lost Twins, a YA fiction by Deb Peterson will soon be release by Blue Words at

Where ever I go if there are books I will be checking them out, such as yardsales. I haven't been to one for a couple of years. I found Abel's Island by William Steig, a Newbery Honor book filled with little pencil sketches, Romona the Brave by BeverlyCleary who lives in Oregon near where I lived and several books by Stephen Cosgrove and illustrated by Robin James. Stephen's roots reach back to Burley, Idaho near where I lived. I met him twice and he shared some interesting stories. I love books for they were difficult to come by when I was a child. In school we were taught to be kind to our books-do not bend their spine for you would break their back, don't dog ear your pages or mark in them. But, you were allowed to wear them out by reading them over and over-wellread and loved.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

SCBWI-Mo-Springfield Children's Writers Group met September 8th at the Library Station. I went with two other children's writers to hear a program on doing research for writing historical teen novels. Louise A. Jackson and J.B. Cheaney's program was very informative and interesting. Everyone in that group is published. We came away feeling in awe of such a knowledgeable group. I hope to return when they have their next meeting. To learn more about Louise and J.B. go to Sue Bradford Edwards is Missouri's Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators' Regional Advisor. She is the new editor of their newsletter MO Scribbles, which has been improved and enlarged. For ten dollars it looks like a good deal. While you are on their website check the upcoming conference to be held at St. Charles. It sounds like a good one.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

My woodland garden has endured a hot, dry summer. I watered twice a week trying to help the roots survive. I didn't want to complain for gardens in some areas were under water and mud. Because of weather changes I have allowed wild native plants to grow where they wish. Only, the strongest survive unusual weather changes. Last spring the extra hard freeze set back all the plants and trees, the summer drought caused blossoms to die and leaves to fall prematurely. This week's rain has brought cooler temperatures. Under darken skies the morning glory displays open blossoms throughout the day allowing the hummingbirds and butterflies to enjoy her nectar. Each morning with camera in hand I will be checking for spider webs and fungi. They are nature's true artist bringing breath taking displays to my garden rooms.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Ozarks Mountaineer Sept/Oct issue page 24 Round & About The Ozarks department read New Bat Cave Discovered In Baxter County, submitted by Mary Nida Smith. It is packed with past and present articles, so why don't you read the hold magazine. Check out their website at