Friday, July 16, 2010

Mike McArthy will be conducting a book signing and discussion on the Ozarks mills, including visual presentation, on July 22nd at 5:00 pm, in Harrison, Arkansas at the Boone County Library. Address: Boone County Library - 221 W Stephenson, Harrison, AR. 72601, Ph 870-741-
The Historic Ozarks Mills book includes more than 25 old water powered gristmills with histories, locations, stories, folklore, map, and lots of full color photos. These historic sites still exist and you can visit them by book or in person. Take the old mills tour! The Ozarks have some of the best examples of old mills remaining in the country and many happen to be in some of the most beautiful places the USA has to offer (intro below). Collector's edition still available, each is numbered, signed and dated, with only 500 in existence. Get yours before they're history! Mike McArthy of Photozarks will be featured in an upcoming PBS program, which will include the historic Ozarks mills, later this year. Airing dates will be announced in coming weeks. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, go to, find out more about the Historic Ozarks Mills book and the Ozarks beauty in print. Cards, art prints, mills books, photo-shoots, custom projects, presentations, cover & stock photography, all with the Ozarks beauty as the subject. Contact info is below.

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~ 2007 * 2008 * 2009 ~ *Featured contributor to "Missouri Life" and "The Ozarks Mountaineer" magazines.
*Ozarks Writers League (OWL) & Ozarks Society member.
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fivecoat said...

This sounds like a very cool book/event. Thanks for sharing, Mary!

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Yes, Kerri it will be. Mike's book is a beautiful informative coffee table book. He has done a great job. I know he will have a good book signing. I hope I don't miss the upcoming PBS show on all the historial mills.