Monday, April 27, 2009

Workshop, Library, Lamp, Garden, Cat: I finished creating my workshop poster (Will display it at Bel Arco) and flyers, plus started writing the press release and placed 2-pages of information on Bel Arco Writers Workshop blog.

I worked in the garden – replanted one bush and a sapling tree. I am not sure what it is, for a squirrel planted it last fall in one of my potted plants on the patio. I replanted a native fern growing in the garden where it wouldn’t be trampled. Wild native plants choose where they want to grow. I sowed a wild flower seed gathered from the forest in a spot I wanted it to grow. But, oh, no – it moved the second year about two feet from where I plant it. Now, three year’s later I have a collection of five. I must remember the Woodland Garden is wild.

My neighbors will agree I am probably the wildest thing out there. I will not share why, but you can ponder it over after I share this – Mrs. Pileated Woodpecker was enjoying breakfast at the base of a stump, when out of no where, like a demon from Hell, a neighbor’s huge stray cat pounced at it. I was watching from an open, un-screened bedroom window. I almost fell out the 8-foot drop while screaming above what my voice box is tuned for, “NO. NO GET OUT,” over and over I repeated as I frantically waved my arms. The bird flew to the bottom of a tree as the feral cat dashed to who knows where.

No, my list for last week is still intact as adventures took me on different paths after I attended the Friends of the Library (I am a member) yearly white elephant sale. I purchased a large, wrought iron floor lamp which I have converted into three different useful pieces. While at the meeting I learned what is happening throughout America in our libraries. I came home did some research about a very important piece of news on Children’s books. I will have follow-up news as soon as I receive some information in the mail. Please keep up with what is going on in libraries at the American Library Association.

Saturday May 2, 9 a.m. SCBWI Children’s Writers Springfield, Mo meet in the meeting room at the Library Station Library.
Sunday May 3, Books in Bloom, Eureka Springs, AR
May 15-16 SCBWI Conference, Conway, AR 72032

When the world says give up, hope whispers one more time. I have been blessed with another day.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Schedule and Focus: A schedule is difficult to keep, and keeping focus with distractions that comes with living can cause me to take a different path. But, I must keep trying for I am accomplishing some things on my list and this is the reason to re-focus and revise my schedule to meet my ever changing days.

Since April 6th, I have submitted an essay to a church magazine and a memory story to another magazine. I am in the middle of making some small changes to a children’s picture book I had finished. Plus, I checked on a couple of literary agents.

I am in the planning stage for an upcoming workshop on “How to Illustrate a Children’s Picture Book.”

I kept records and did some research on the wildlife that lives in the Woodland Garden. I worked a few hours replacing bird houses, making hummingbird food and enjoyed how God is showing me the ice storm didn’t destroy, only brought new life filled with surprises. I now have a 4-inch tall holly. The wind or a bird planted the seed. It replaced the small Mimosa tree I lost.

The squirrels provided knowledge about themselves for a picture book I have written and posed for my camera so I would have photos. What I learned about them I was unable to find on the internet. The squirrels have taught me many things over the years and each season I learn more.

Remember, besides the work I mention on this blog, I have the Bel Arco Resort Workshops that I organize, and my submarine stories and military writers’ blog where I am involved with mostly submarine veterans. Also, it is where I promote my book, “Submarine Stories of World War II.”

What was time consuming this week was searching for an important photo I misplaced. But, I did find it. Also, I was able to organize other photos I will be using in future articles and a book.

Yes, I did do all my weekly duties as a housewife. My hours are from 5:30 a.m -10 p.m. I try not to waste each day, but I am guilty of goofing off. Tomorrow, at 1 o’clock I am planning to attend “The Poetry Thing” at the Baxter County Library, Mountain Home. It is a great program.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Blessings


Sunshine Days

The things which are impossible

with men are possible with God. Luke 18:27

Photo (c) Mary Nida Smith

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

  1. Lessons learned: Do not rely on information on wildlife that has been passed on through the years. It is like relying on the same old gossip that may or may not be true. Investigate and study the person or the animal. We are not alike and we can change. This I learned from studying the female robin bouncing off my patio window. She was not daffy.

    With the ice storm problems behind me, I will be on a mission to keep focused on my work in the studio. Get rid of obstacles that block my progress.
    1. Keep only materials needed/associated with the projects I have finished, started and outlines of future projects.
    2. Only do research on current project I am preparing to submit.
    3. Do not follow/read too many blogs and websites. They do come addictive.
    4. Do not compare myself to other creative people. Sing my own song.
    5. Open e-mails in the evenings instead of watching TV.

    I have been guilty of the opposite type of behavior. It can take a professional writer to a social writer. I am taking stock of my time allowed in the studio in-between all my other responsibilities. I must be focus to consider myself a professional writer for I am wasting precious time writing and submitting.

    I will hold myself accountable with weekly updates on my progress of staying focused:
    · manuscripts and queries mailed
    · manuscripts accepted and rejected
    · notes from editors and agents
    · obstacles that will come up and how I handled them