Thursday, August 31, 2017

Poem "GONE."

  1.  I placed this on children's author David L. Harrison's W.O.M. blog. The word for the month "Gone."
    Gone from my life
    Wildlife friends
    Herds of deer
    Special doe and fawn
    Turtles bathing
    Birds building homes
    Chipmunks filling cheeks
    Funny looking insects
    Snakes up trees, down holes
    Gone from my view
    I watch and wonder
    Where have
    they gone?
    (C) Mary Nida Smith

Look Back at August 31, 2014

A very busy time for me, I have several commitments to fulfill the next two months and I need to do work on promoting my book, "Submarine Stories of World War II" for ages ten and up before the eyes of an editor/publisher. I received a letter from my literary agent and she believes in this book and respects the men in it and she is working extra hard, so I want to do my part. The nine veterans(in their 80s and 90s) sharing their stories are friends of mine. Several have sailed on and I want school children, grandkids and adults to remember what they endured during the underwater war. I am so surprise how many people never heard of submarines. The submarines and their crew took over after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. God is in control and if this is suppose to be, it will be.