Thursday, October 26, 2017

Forest Folk of Wild Ozark I love them. Such a cute idea and lots of work.

A poem About A Man who loved the Ozarks.

Laid Down His Spurs

This man worked the
land he loved for
over seventy years.
He started with
empty pockets
bought nothing
without cash
or something to trade.
Long days of hard labor
until he reached
into his seventies.
Then – he took
pleasure in his abilities
to be the best
 in hunting and fishing.
His pleasures in life
soon gave way to a
world of darkness.
His dark eyes chained
Him to his chair
Yet … it NEVER
claimed his mind or spirit.
On the night
God called him home,
he laid down his spurs…
and left the

© By Mary Nida Smith
Written in memory of my father-in-law
Edd W. Smith
Wendell, Idaho
Died June 4, 1986
Born and raised in NW Arkansas

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fake Weather

Rain clouds circle
teases us with sprinkles.
Sun pushes in bright
shoves clouds back.
Dark clouds and sun
appear like two kids
playing hide and seek.
Dark clouds bellow
sun flashes light
sun is winning
rain lost out.
Bringing only pain
to my old bones.
 © Mary Nida Smith

Saturday, October 21, 2017


  Have you ever been accused of bragging about your success when posting clippings, site connects, or your book information? You feel you want to share, how all your hard work has paid off. Nothing like, making you feel you have created a great sin. Yet, these same people love to read magazines such as; People and Entertainment Weekly.

What I don't understand, is, if you own a business, do crafts or write a religious book - its okay.  This is why social media (a blog and Facebook) are  mighty important to me, when I am  unable do tours or have signings. It is wonderful all the different "promote your book groups" that have started up. What a great service they do for themselves and others.

I have been blessed to have an agent and a wonderful publisher for my latest book. I had a running start with my book promotions they provided.

Do your friends and family understand?

I hope to do more writing on my blog, as I did when I stated it 2008, when My first book, Submarine Stories of World War II, was released.