Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessings are not only one day a year,
they are every day of the year. Give thanks to God
for our daily freedoms and joys of family and friendships.
Photo (c) by Mary Nida Smith

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wildlife in my world: Redheaded woodpeckers, spiders, deer and humming birds.

The days are rushing toward next month as I continue to make changes in my lifestyle. Day’s pop-up as I look over my list of things to do. Each day the plans take small detours. Some are a welcome surprise to move me in new directions in 2009 and others detain my daily chores from being productive.

The Redheaded woodpeckers have returned from up North. They and a squirrel delighted me with special photo opportunities. They seem to know I had left my camera in the car. Yesterday, I didn’t leave it, so a couple of big does posed for me.

People are complaining we have too many deer in this area. Just a couple of weeks ago before deer hunting season, people were asking, “Where are all the deer?”
This is what I have observe - Deer go into hiding after rutting season, come out in May and June after the fawns are born to fatten up and teach the fawns how to survive. Hunting season will drive the deer in around homes hoping for protection from being shot. After hunting season they disappear, except if someone is feeding them corn.

Yesterday, the little chippy that lives under the deck was standing looking in the patio window. I had brought in the potted plants where it had planted sunflower seeds. They are growing in every pot. I think it was trying to figure why it couldn't reach them.

The woodpeckers and other birds have been staying away. The suet wasn't touched so we come to the conclusion the last patch of suet was bad. We’ll have to try another store and hope it has good suet. Leaving food out for the hummers into November will help a youngster that wasn’t ready to fly south to grow and follow in a couple of days, or provide food for one traveling through.

In the garage I killed a large spider with two white dots on its back. I looked at a lot of photos on different websites, but I have been unable to identify it. There must be a million species. Spiders frighten me, yet I love to watch, photograph and identify them.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Velda Brotherton

If you love to write and you have been doing it for a few years, but you feel discouraged and maybe, thinking of giving up because you feel like you are spinning your wheels and going no where, read Velda Brotherton's blog Now, don't give up reading her website and blogs for you will find new energy to continue your writing. What a lady! I have known Velda for over 12 years. I keep wondering where does she get all that strength and encouragement.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Children's Writers check out Children's Book Council at, JacketFlap, The Children's Book Council and the many Independent Booksellers websites. Check these sites and the different SCBWI chapters sites to keep updated and inspired.

Lynn Carney is honored to announce her short story, THE SHORES OF OBLIVION (VOICES, High Hill Press May '08) is nominated for a Pushcart Prize, the most honored literary award in America.

Over 260 judges are considering nominations, including Joyce Carol Oates, one of my favorites - whew! It's an honor to any writer just to be nominated, and I want to thank Delois McGrew and Lou Turner, editors of VOICES, for compiling such a beautiful anthology and for giving me this opportunity. I am so very proud of VOICES - from the cover to cover it's a lovely, lovely anthology. So many great stories from remarkable authors and editors.