Saturday, April 25, 2015

Charlie Southerland Poet

Charlie Southerland, President of the Mountain Home Free Verse Poetry Group

We poets who tread the grapes - contributing to the poetic
wine of the world, rejoice mightily when the name of one of
our fellows appears on the label of the coveted vintage.

 So much toil (though a joyful work) remains as anonymous as
grapes deemed unfit for the vat; but today our poetry community has 
cause to celebrate.

As many know, Charlie Southerland's poem "Eclipse"
was recently included in the New York poetry journal 'TRINACRIA'
[one of his many acceptances lately]. Now cones the great news; the
poem so impressed the editor that our Mr. Southerland's piece has been
nominated for a PUSHCART PRIZE ! 

The vintners are selecting theirstocks, and Viola's farmer poet is 
all the tests! May we all behappy to say, "I was there the day those
grapes were pressed"! Mr.Southerland is quick to point out, "Hey,
I haven't won it yet!". Now,Charlie, we celebrate the nomination 
the way the husbandman celebrates the ripening fruit; later we'll
drink the wine. Congratulations! Written by Stephen Johnson.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Snow Perception   
Not a star or a moon,
dark as the inside of a covered hole.
This black night had sounds
of wind moving among
houses and thick trees,
whistling loud and humming low.
Morning light was slow to enter
my world of winter uncertainty.
Suddenly the curtain of light
blasted through my bedroom window.
The woods were covered thick
with shadows of blue
bouncing off dark trees.
Between shadows appeared
a large white dog
that had the appearance
 (c) by Mary Nida Smith
of a timber wolf snooping
for a meal of gray rabbit.
The snow dog stood proud and still.
(c) by Mary Nida Smith
It appeared, as created by snow.
Then quickly, it disappeared
melted below the heat of sunrays.
Only signs it had appeared
were foot prints of a wandering spirit.

                                            © By Mary Nida Smith

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


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