Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Come down to That Bookstore In Blytheville March 3 and see Martha Dixon, author of Triumph Beyond Measure. She will be at TBIB from 1:00-3:00.From the back-breaking work of picking cotton in the hot Arkansas sun, the daughterof a poor sharecropper, to the dressmaker for the First Lady of the United States,Martha Dixon's story is uniquely American. Starting with nothing but an entrepreneurialdrive, Ms. Dixon rose to the peak of her profession. Triumph Beyond Measure is animpossible story that became possible. A tale of a woman who believed in herselfand set her sights high. Inspirational, motivational, and steeped in lessons learnedalong the way. Triumph Beyond Measure will leave you cheering. "They said you needto crawl before you can walk," writes Ms. Dixon, "but I didn't want to walk. Nor did I want to run. I wanted to fly." Rags to riches. From the poorhouse to theWhite House. Triumph Beyond Measure is a story everyone should read.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baxter County Library, Mountain Home booksale starts today, February 16-18th. I almost forgot since I have been unable to help set-up or attend. Today, Friday and Saturday will be busy for me. Lunch with some friends from PAL's and next two days in Branson. First time to Ozarks Writers League since February of last year. I have missed it. Saturday 18th, is the Twin Lakes Writers meeting -

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

by Mary Nida Smith ©

Valentine’s Day
in grade school
the teacher creates
a box decorated
with lace and hearts
where everyone
places special cards.
At the end of love
and friendship day
the box is opened.
Excitement fills the room
as one by one names
of classmates are read
Susan, Jimmy,
Jeanne Rae, Mary Lou,
Gary and Terry.
Each desk piles high.
It continues until
the box is empty.
I sat feeling silly
and awkward for
in my hand was one
lone card
with the name, Mrs. Scott.
That was from my teacher.
That is nice,
everyone received one.
Valentine’s Day

has never been
for me ...

This sweet card arrived as I finished writing my poem
from friend, Kerri Fivecoat Campbell. I felt as if she was
looking over my shoulder. Sweet!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Last week was a good week and a sad week.
I worked in the studio weaning myself of a few of my many, many books. It was a difficult job, but one that needed to be accomplished to make room for other books piled
on file boxes, my coffee table and fireplace hearth. I love kids’ books, nature books and old books. I sacked and boxed them with lots of magazines I delivered to a small
library out in the county where bears and bobcats roam. What a pleasure it was to meet head librarian Marcell; a very dedicated book lover. I am grateful to my friend Lonnie for introducing us. Remember to support the small libraries with funds and used books.

Lonnie and Valerie, both writer friends introduced MaryEllen and her blog “Five Tired Dogs” to me. Maryellen is thinking she might want to do some writing. I know one thing after visiting with her she is a natural storyteller. I love meeting new people. Last month I enjoyed the company of artists from Palette Art League in Yellville.

I sent a book query to an independent publisher and a query to a magazine. I wrote the poem “Mystic” for the word of the month/Feb on children’s author David L. Harrison blog. David asked me to provide the word for this month. I chose “supernatural.” My poem was about nature. He also placed a moon photo of mine on his blog and he titled it,
“Moon over Arkansas.” He requested poets to submit a valentine poem on Tuesday.
A picture of me reading and one I took of my neighbor is in Marvelous magazine click on – Show us your M! Relaxation.

Sad news- the neighbor cut down two Eastern Red cedars at the backyard fence line. The birds were very unhappy, so I am going to plant some trees on our side for my feathered friends.
I continue to try to live one hour at a time and to always be patience in everything

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

ELAINE MOODY WILSON, AUTHOR - you can find her books at Amazon & Barnes & Noble
The kids loved all the fishing items she shared with them.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Children’s Author and Illustrator to Visit Baxter County Library Saturday,February 4th, 2012
Children’s book author and illustrator, Elaine Wilson, will share her books, artwork, and stories in a presentation for the whole family at the Donald W. Reynolds Library Saturday, February 4, 10:30am.

Wilson’s stories, Fisherman Jack’s Secret and Fisherman Jack Meets the River Creatures, were inspired by her father, who spent his summers as a local fishing guide along the White River and winters as a trapper to support their family of eight.

“You can stand on the bridge (at Calico Rock) and look upriver and see the actual rock where Fisherman Jack has a picnic,” said Wilson. Wilson grew up in Calico Rock and now resides in Melbourne, AR. Her books will be available at the Library for purchase and autographing during the event.

All children’s programs are provided at no charge as a service of the Baxter County Library through generous donations and scholarships. Children of all abilities are encouraged to participate.

For additional information, contact Children’s Librarian Deborah Edmonds at 870-580-0987 x2032. For information on all Library programs, visit the Library’s website at The Donald W. Reynolds Library Serving Baxter County is located at 300 Library Hill, Mountain Home, AR.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

GROUNDHOG DAY, this is the only day groundhogs are honored. This tradition was brought by the German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania.
Photo from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
When I lived in Idaho on the Snake River Plains high desert we knew spring was here when the Yellow-belled Marmots came out of their rocky dens.I loved to watch them sun themselves on the rocks and hear their warning whistle when I got too close.

When I was a kid in Wisconsin I went on a fox hunt and came home with two baby groundhogs that changed my feelings about wildlife. I have written a story/a rough draft on that spring adventure. I have so many stories I need one year to donate all my time to.
I love the memories I have growing up on farms – what a playground!

Enjoy the wild creatures for they have feelings too and bring a lot of joy into our lives.
Yesterday, I walked up Oakridge Mountain (discover neat items to photograph) and along the banks of White River at Bull Shoals-White River State Park. I seen eagles, but not close enough for my camera, but was able to photograph two vultures perched in a tree overlooking the river and one of the beautiful Sycamores.

This Saturday February 4, children’s author & illustrator Elaine Wilson will be at the Baxter County library at 10:30 in the children’s library for more click on I’ll be there will you?