Saturday, February 23, 2013


Mary, I'd so appreciate your sharing with all your Midwestern friends and social media contacts about my new storybook app PRANCING DANCING LILY. Remember Lily, inspired by my father's Kansas dairy herd? 


If you download, would so love a cheery review with lots of sparkly stars. :) t is evidently really important the first week.


Here are links to trailer and iTunes, Googleplay, and Amazon (it's for iPad, iPhone, IPod Touch, Kindle Fire, Kindle HD devices, Android):


The easiest link is for trailer and links is:

Prancing, Dancing Lily is an interactive children's storybook app about a spirited cow who doesn’t fit in with the herd. She’d rather kick up her heels, so leaves the farm in search of her perfect dance.  Follow Lily around the world, from New York City to Spain to Senegal. Learn new dances, a bit of geography, and make new friends around the globe.

Thank you so much,


In Joy,

Marsha Diane Arnold

Prancing Dancing Lily storybook app 

now dancing on iTunes, Googleplay, & Amazon

Pictures by John Manders