Friday, December 29, 2006

Santa Snoopy. I can't believe it another Santa arrived last night his gifts were filled with laughter. This time Santa Snoopy and his Woodstock reindeers arrived delivering the largest Christmas card we had ever seen. Of course Santa Snoopy was in the inside and outside -what a jolly good fellow. Santa Snoopy and his beloved reindeers decided to stay. They know we need company and a reminder to laugh for it is still a wonderful world, no matter what the news reports. When we travel down the road we listen to our Snoopy CD music. I am telling you Snoopy is everywhere in our house. Happy, Happy New Year to all - Laugh and the world laughs with you.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I am re-organizing clutter as I prepare for the New Year.The house slave work will be caught up and the top layer in my creative space cleared, so when the ball drops at midnight on the old year, I will be dropping off to a peaceful sleep while
characters dance throughout the night. My built in alarm will go off between 5 and 6 am on the morning of 2007 and I want to be prepared to start work in my studio office. I don't believe November through January is a good time to submit, items get lost in the mail and editors do have some time for holidays (I would hope).

I was so excited when Santa surprised me with a visit and he was loaded down with gifts. What really surprised me, he forgot he had been here and made a return trip. It was a squealing surprise. I thought maybe he returned for the chocolate milk and roasted marshmallows I forgot to put out.

I squeezed in some interesting TV watching. On CMT I watched scenes from the movie Charlotte's Web, how it was created and met the actors. I have to see the movie. I have always enjoyed the story and I still have the book. I had a little pig that looked like Wilbur. Wiggles was also the runt of the litter. He was raised
in the house, moved to the woodshed and as he grew I sent him to the barn. Wiggles became huge and fat-too big for the barn so he was sent on a very, long trip. Tears of sadness caused pains deep in my chest. I know he is not forgotten for he supplies wonderful memories today.

I watched Secondhand Lions with Robert Duvall and Michael Caine. The story reminds me to look on the bright side each day, maybe the hurts in life can lead to an exciting adventure.

"When once the itch of literature comes over a man, nothing can cure it but the scratching of the pen." -Samuel Lover

Monday, December 25, 2006

Life's Beautiful Path
Have a Merry Happy CHRISTmas and a Healthy New Year. This morning I listen to the words of poet Mattie Stepanek who passed away in 2004. His poems and words of wisdom for hope and peace is so important for people to listen to over and over-then maybe the world would be happier and peaceful. Mattie believed we are on earth for a short time and heaven is forever. While on earth don't waste a day, use it, fill it with joy and peace. I have been blessed with many mircles, love ones and most of all parents that taught me about God's love. I am blessed.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Writing non-fiction books for 2007. My walk in the woods yesterday with my camera in hand I found more material/photos to insert in my fungi and oddities folder. When my granddaughter was visiting she wanted to know what that large thing was among the trees. I thought if she is curious, so would other children. I have gathered a lot of interesting oddities on my everyday walks. I was walking along the shores of the White River taking pictures of the ghost trees and I wanted one filled with vultures. But, they flew away before I got a picture. There is one where the eagles hang out when they arrive in January. Mr. Gaston was there looking for creatures to photography for his website. He said he gets his photos of vultures from the new vistors center. His camera was more powerful than mine. Gaston's White River Resort has nature trails that I hope to walk this spring when it is warm and streamy.

I am disappointed each year as the State and Federal Parks continue to up-grade by cutting down trees and bushes with it comes lots of burning of underbrush and leaves. We move or come to visit to see nature at its best. Every year there is less wild flowers, birds and small animals. If I wanted to see a manicured park, I would have visited the city parks.

Now, I will get off my high horse or soap box to finish my books that kids and adults will be able to see pictures of what was. I love people who set out to create oddites for all of us to enjoy. The book, Eccentric America is filled with wonderful surprises.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I will return. I have been buried in responsibles of repairing storm damage and preparing for the holidays.

There is no downside to creating and enjoying writing - only the downside of allowing ourselves to listen to the "nay sayers."

Happy Holidays

Friday, December 08, 2006

Children's Books, dachshunds and awards. Each day I renew my creative energy by reviewing another writers' website or blog. I learn from the professionals in the different genres I enjoy writing.

Christine Taylor-Butler She had her first book published in 2003 and now she has 20 books. That is, breath taking fast.

Hotdog on Tv by Karen T. Taha ( a Dial Easy-to-Read Level 2 book. Hotdog as you have guessed is a dachshund. I have an eighteen year-old dachshund who is writing a series about her sad and happy life. She shares injuries, mishaps, and how she bounces back to good health to run her daily mile.

The Twin Lakes Submarine Veterans Base won the first prize in the civic category at the Mountain Home Christmas parade. We are very proud of the group.

I had a gardening article about Marigolds accepted for Ozarks magazine's May issue. I love gardening for it mades me feel peaceful and life's beautiful path is indeed worth traveling.

This is the season to buzz along with many projects to do before I turn in a substandard monster of the human race.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Helicopters and Submarines: I am searching for information on the Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron SEVEN, HSS-1 United States Atlantic Fleet Antisubmarine Defense Force-Hunter Killer Force with Commander Mac A. Graham and J.S. Thach, 16 May 1956-1961. In 1958 who were the sonarman aboard the U.S. Navy's atomic-powered submarine Nautilus when it dived under the polar ice cap at Point Barrow, Alaska. During the journey it passed directly under the North Pole?

I am doing researching on different fungi/mushrooms, caring for injured dachshunds,and Mute Swans to just name a few. I hope to finish a couple of these books for children and adults.

Happy hunting and stay warm.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

authors blogs and websites:
Darcy Pattison Darcy writes children's books.
Candie Moonshower Military Writers Society of America

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Historical Short Story - Fiction or Non-fiction: Recently, I attended a program on how to write historical fiction short stories presented by Pat Carr. Believe it or not, she said to start from 1970 and back to the stone age. Most of the audience had written a short story by the time the program ended. When asked for a show of hands to read what was written down members of the audience provided the beginning, middle and the end. Pat made sure we moved in the right direction to produce a good short story. The last part was for the writer to fill in the gaps and polish it into a sellable short story. An adult short story is ten pages.

In the beginning write down the year the story will take place and the location. Start with a theme/symbol such as your story takes place during the Dust Bowl, when President Kennedy was shot, or a day or year when some other outstanding event took place. What should the reader know before the incident-first set up the story.

Write down an incident that happened or is about to happen. The beginning is the hook to entice the reader to continue.
Who is the characters - use five or less, less is better. Start with the main character showing his/her mood, age, goal or problem. One character causes friction.Characters should have qualities of a caring nature, fear. bitter and etc. Does the main character or one of the other characters have hang-ups, life hanging in a balance(danger), life or death sitiuatin or dying; one or more charactors may believe it is, but to others it is not.
Write the story in the first person or the third. Stay out of peoples heads. Girls write from a girl's point of view and a boy from his insight.

A story should be a life changing experience where a person's life will be changed afterwards from bad to good or sad to happy. The end of the story should end with action, dialogue, or an image of the time of the year, weather or a symbolic note. Don't end with the dawn or morning,or have the weather outside reflect what is happening inside.

Writing the Short-Short Story by Marg McAlister can be found at, George Edward Stanley has written a wonderful book, Writing Short Stories for Young People, and Why & How I teach with Historical Fiction by Tarry Lindquist at 1.htm