Friday, January 25, 2008

The Red-headed Woodpecker's living quarters are being destroyed for cosmetic reasons. To beautify an area in the Natural State for the tourist. I thought tourist came for the beauty of wildflowers, wildlife, dogwoods, redbuds, and the forest greenery. The woodpecker begins nest-building early if snags and acorns are available. This area in our Natural State is perfect for them. I was informed there was several hundred acreage the Red-headed Woodpecker could move to. Pray tell who is directing and paying for this move. Has the woodpecker received it's eviction noticed? No, they haven't heard the sad news of their eviction for they appear happy and very busy.

On to happier times. The past two weeks have been very busy and exciting. When one gathers with friends with the same interest it can only be a happy occasion. Friday January 11 we met in Oakland the four of us to chat about the latest happening in our personal lives and our latest goals in writing for the children's market. Valerie is a wonderful cook, so we enjoyed breakfast muffins, cookies and carrot cake with coffee. What a lovely home and area to live.
Since the meeting, one of Barb's llama's had a surprise birth. She sent us pictures of the darling baby.

I enjoyed the Baxter County Friends of the Library meeting Wednesday where speaker Bill Woodiel co-author of Stone Songs on the Trail of Tears shared his knowledge of this interesting part of United States history. Stories about the treatment of Indians upsets me for we gained so much knowledge from them and continue to from the stories they shared in books. Books are a wonderful invention.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful time with freelance writer, author and journalist over a pizza lunch in my Garden Studio. She had the exciting news of signing a book deal. Kerri shared a copy of her book No immediate Threat - The Story of an American Veterans that I have started to read. I will share more on my and you can go to her website

I didn't realize when I organized my studio office that I would not be able to find things until I remember their new placement. Back to enjoying life and writing. I bet when I was born and the doctor hit me on the behind I yelled, I want to be a writer. I am still yelling it. I found out that all brains are not created equal. So be patience with me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Organize & Schedule: I have been organizing my studio. It is difficult task for I must make choices on what to eliminate. If I didn't remove items that doesn't benefit my future plans once a year, I would have to tunnel in. Unimportant magazines go the library free bin and books for their next book sale.

Books I agonize over like dead heading flowers. Books are essential for a writer's survival. Dead blossoms on flowers are essential for bird feed, dried arrangements and just because I think they are pretty. I am a natural pack rat. There is a purpose for everything I gather to be used to create a craft, a model used in a drawing or work it into my writings. I love bugs for they hold so many secrets, nuts and shells, broken bird eggs and old nests, dried leaves, fungi, stones and feathers.

I have created a two month schedule to get my priorities in order with deadlines. Deadlines I put on myself are very helpful. My life as a writer changes everyday. This is the exciting part that keeps a writer writing. So... back to writing and organizing.

Watch for blog updates on how the red-headed woodpeckers as so many birds and animals are being pushed into an early death. Meeting with three other writers with writing goals for the children's market. We are working on novels, poetry, articles, and short stories. Plus, I am working on my adult non-fiction books. I will list some conferences and workshops. Post reminders of authors coming to town. Please keep in touch and check my other blog that promotes military books and information.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


My studio office was designed and built in the boat alcove of our garage.
The four walls are filled with wild adventures past, present and future. There are shelves on both sides of the Dutch door. I own about 400-500 books Several working projects have branched off to rooms in the house. I can't believe how my studio can look in a couple of months after finishing several writing projects. January and February are months I try to weed out debris and removed deadfall:books, ideas, old files and just plain clutter. Once it is organized I try to spend twenty minutes before I start work to keep it organized.

I had articles on organizing the studio office published in The Owl's Hoot (Ozarks Writers League), MO Scribbles (Missouri SCBWI) and Fine Lines (SCBWI Australian Chapter) newsletters. So... I try to practice what I teach/preach.
Ideas pop-up like forbidden vines engulfing me until I say, "Yes, you can squeeze in my over-cluttered studio and mind." Well, this year of 08 ideas will be pulled and destroyed before they can become rooted. Also, this year I hope to mail what I have finished, fertilize what needs polishing, stimulate more growth on half-grown projects and bury most treasured ideas for a year.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Darcy Pattison is coming to Baxter County Library at Mountain Home, Arkansas February 5. Register in January at the library or online at or call 870-425-3598 ext. 26. Author Darcy Pattison is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators and she teaches creative writing. To learn more about her books and career go to

Darcy will have a program Tuesday February 5, from 5-6 pm for children with her special guest Oliver K. Woodman. The children will create a craft to take home. It will be an exciting program.

At 7 pm, Darcy will present a program for adults and teens interested in creative writing. If you are thinking about writing as a career or writing family history Darcy's program "How to Write a Scene" will help you. The fee is $10 to be paid at the library.


I have a very special friend Wes Bensching whose music blows me away. Here is what people are saying about it:
Wes Bensching is a true music Mosaicist who weaves his instrumental sounds into a creative law of writing and producing.
He takes small pieces of inlaid notes formulated from several instruments to create a mosaic sound of slowly tiered water moving allowing the mind to travel to imaginary Islands of peaceful joy.
Playing Bensching's style of music is background for a relaxing evening, a candlelight dinner or keep one calm while organizing the studio office before filling the mind with the clutter of the day.
You can find titles such as Glowing Windchimes, Dragon Fly, Castles are Blue, Sister I love and Out the Window at iTunes.

I am out to save my friends the red-headed woodpeckers whose homes are being destroyed. They are on the declining species list. I am upset. Hopefully I have the Arkansas Game & Fish and the Audubon Society (I am a member.) helping me save their tree homes.