Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Woodland Garden is my sanctuary. I am amazed what I discover every time I
stroll though.

July 23, I armed myself with a bottle of poison and clippers.
The poison ivy is spreading rapidly and approximate two-four
inches tall. Stormy weather keeps me from entering the garden
and allowing the poison to be effective. Leaves three beware.
This is difficult in a wild garden. The unknown seedlings
don’t show their true selves until they have grown to
display four or more leaves such as the Virginia Creeper.

I pruned some ground cover, small trees, and bushes. In the
meanwhile my husband discovered I was working in the
garden. The push moor's roaring sounds drowned out the
birds joyful songs and raised my temperature. I quickly
removed myself as I saw my small Mimosa tree being
topped as the sticks with red tags surrounding it crumbled.

I discovered a large walk in hole under my wood pile with
another hole leading from it. The tracks I couldn’t
make out. There are new holes on the bank and throughout
the garden and as usual lots of chipmunks escape hatches.

Under the deck steps is a mud turtle’s home. A blue strip salamander
continues to ran out from under the stepping stones.

July 24, As I sat on the sun porch watching the orange tinted
sunrise peek through the trees two bats raced around the large
oaks as the yard light displayed flying insects. This year I
haven’t adopted a summer buddy. I miss having one.

On a couple of other matters, I had a poem rejected July 13
from Mature Living magazine. I guess, I am not mature
enough for it. Jim Hamilton is looking for a poem with the
title-The Devil in Arkansas. As a writer we are always
learning and receiving interesting items.

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