Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ozark Writers and Illustrators for Children's
Annual Summer Workshop July 11, at Lebanon, Mo –
what a wonderful experience!
Naomi Shaw was in charge of keeping the workshop
running smoothly and what a great job she did.

The first session was “Coffee with Vicki Grove”. Vicki
mesmerized us with insight to a dedicated writer’s life
with all the ups and downs, and what inspired her to write
each teen novel. She was serious, witty, and encouraging. I
have never met a writer who provided so much helpful
information for beginners or sparks to fire up the professional
writer to continue to share their words to motivate readers to
continue reading and to become a person that gives back to
their community.

Lunch was provided by Maria’s Café located in the library.
The café carries a Route 66 theme to encourage patrons to
visit the library’s Route 66 Museum.

Afternoon we had three break-away sessions:
J.B. (Jamie) Cheaney- “Sweatin’ the Small Stuff.”
Lizabeth Hardman- “Getting your Foot in the Door
with Non-fiction.”
Louise Jackson – “Believable Characters.”

Three great programs; I hate break-away sessions, because
I want attend them all. I decided on Lizabeth’s who writes
for a history magazine and a work-for-hire for non-fiction teen
and adult books. It was Eizabeth’s first time as speaker. She did
a great job providing us with importance of research: Gathering
information no older than ten years, and where to find reliable
information on the Internet.

From 2-3 a.m., the first manuscript page of ten attendees
was shown by Power Point. Naomi read each manuscript’s
1st page and afterwards the five panelists gave their critique.
It was very informative to hear ten different critiques by
J.B. Cheaney, Louise Jackson, Vicky Grove, Barbara
Cochran and Lorrie Cardwell-Casey. At the workshop’s
closing each page with five critiques were handed in an
envelope back to each writer to take home to read and digest.

Three of the authors are members of OWAIC that meet
the 1st Saturday of each month in Springfield.

Thanks again to OWAIC, Lebanon-Laclede County Library
and the Ozarks Penmasters Guild.


Missy said...

So glad that you enjoyed your workshop! Isn't it so true that people should never stop learning?

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Yes. Never stop asking questions. I get sooo excited everytime I discover something new. Life is filled with mysteries and surprises. Thank you Missy for dropping in.