Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ozarks Writers & Illustrators for Children, Ozark Pen Women and the Lebanon-Laclede County Library sponsored Authors Day and the Ozark Writers & Illustrators for Children Annual Summer Workshop July 10 & 11. I thank each and everyone for their hard work in presenting these two programs where I was able to sit back for two days to learn and have the time of my life.

Authors Day was from noon to 5 p.m. The tables were set up in rolls for visitors to stroll by viewing authors on both sides. There was about 35-40 authors attending. I met new authors and visited with authors I have known since moving to the Ozarks.

I sold several books, Submarine Stories of World War II. What pleased me more than anything was to see young pre-teen boys standing in awe reading my handouts and mothers purchasing the book for them. A young boy won my book as a door prize. We were both excited as he asked me to sign it.

Teachers and parents spoke to me about WWI &II history was no longer being taught in schools. History bluffs visited. I met Tina who just received her degree in World War I & II history. Tina’s heart was filled with love for her subject. She shared how she is searching for information on the Merchant Marines who played a huge part in World War II. Thanks to my friend Joyce Larimore, a member of the Fleet Reserve who gave me the book, They Couldn't Have Won the War Without Us-Stories by the men who sailed the ships. Edited by Pete Peterson who served in the Merchant Marines. It is a book that shares the horror they endured bringing supplies to our men. I promised Tina the book. I sent it Monday.

I met Teri Haux, an ex-Navy brat who wrote Movie Viewer Extraordinaire – Discerning the Influences of Movies on your Freedom, Family and Happiness. http://www.movieviewerxtra.com/ Teri’s husband is station at Fort Leonard Wood. He was there for awhile and I regret I didn’t have the chance to go over to say, “Thanks for serving.” Teri is also a screenwriter and is searching for a military women photography that she wants to write a screen play concerning her career.

My friends Ellen Gray Massey (Whom I cornered for advise.), Brenda Brinkley (Ozarks Writers League), Lee Ann Russell and Larry Cunningham (Springfield Writers Guild – http://www.swgste.org/) were there.

Next time I will share my day at the Ozarks Writers & Illustrators for Children’s Annual Summer Workshop. What an upper! What speakers! What a day! It was soooo special.

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