Sunday, July 05, 2009

Lebanon-Laclede County Library: I will be
there from 12-5 pm July 10th with several
other authors at the Author's Day to promote,
sell and sign my book. July 11th at the library
I will be attending the Ozarks Writers &
Illustrators Workshop from 8:30 am -3pm:
speakers are J.B. Cheaney, Lizabeth
Hardman and Louise Jackson.

My book, Submarine Stories of World
War II for ages ten and up.

Review by Max McCoy author of Hellfire Canyon: A fascinating
series of vignettes about the war beneath the waves during
World War II, as told by the men who fought it. Only the
submariners could describe how it feels to hear mine cables
skitter along the hull or the whooshing sound when the boat
buries itself in the sandy bottom to hide from Japanese
Mary Nida Smith has done a fine job collecting theses largely
untold stories from the silent service.

Conner and Davis, two young grade school boys wrote a
note to me and said: I will forever continue thinking
your book is awesome!

Review by Deborah Edmonds, Children's Librarian, Baxter
County Library:
Mary Nida Smith has compiled a set of personal experiences
from submarine veterans of World War II that should not only
speak to family members of the Silent Service. Her book also
informs the rest of the population of the thoughts and feelings
of these brave men who served under the seas to
protect our country with no guarantee that they would resurface.

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