Thursday, July 26, 2007

Computer problems, classes, conferences and magazine: It feels as if it has been weeks since I posted anything. My computer was frightening me with its memory lost. I did have a couple of clues to what was ailing it. My son who lives in Idaho said I need to clean it up. So, that book Microsoft Widows (c)XP that has been in a drawer for three years was pulled out and read. I gained some knowledge how my computer works for me if I take care of it. Then, to make sure I asked BBS Computer Sales and Systems and Services Inc., to double check and answer questions and explain everything. He made it appear so easy. I am thankful for their help. His wife Geri accompanied him. We had a nice visit about their son who was in my creative writing class at the library.

This is my third year to teach. I shared what I had learned on a small scale. I tried to meet the poets, the short story writers and the illustrators needs. During the four classes I tried to motivate each one to write in a daily journal, where to find stories and how to put them down on paper. I gave them hand-outs on how to write, books to read and websites for young writers. I learned from them and enjoyed each one. The classes were sponsored by the Ozarks Regional Arts Council, CowGill Insurance Agency and American National Insurance -Jana Cowgill Agency.

Conferences, a Retreat and a Workshop:,

The June issue of the Writer magazine has an informative article The ABCs of writing for KIDS, written by Candie Moonshower. Candie is the author of The Legend of Zoey, published by Yearling (Random House) check out her website at She was at a week-end retreat I attended a couple of years ago and on her website there will be photos.

My daughter had a surprise birthday party in Illinois and I wasn't able to attend. I sent her a family heirloom which I know she will cherish and its 77 year-old history. I wish I could have seen her face when she opened the present.

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