Sunday, July 15, 2007

Books, gardening and submarine veterans (subvets): I have been trying to do some reading in-between all the million projects I have on my "do list." I found the middle grade novel Doris Free by Cara Bookins, a very interesting read and it gives insight to how family memories can be written into novels, short stories or essays. Again, it made me aware of the different "point of views." I believe novice writers and seasoned writers who write more than one genres find the "point of views" to be complex. With all of this in mind I decided to compile a list of books written in the different "point of views." I find Doris Free to be written in the omniscient point of view.

A View From The Hills by Thomas Garrett, is filled with short essays on everyday life as he sees it. They were first published in The Baxter Bulletin starting in 1983 and continue today. I enjoyed what I have read for it is written from the first person point of view from someone from the Ozarks. He paints a picture how the world from the hills looking out provides things to ponder.

Gardening with the mosquitoes serenading me with the buzzing tune, "Oh, Happy Days," meant food has arrived. It left me wondering what was the bats doing that I seen flying last night.
Friday, I made the mistake of walking through the garden area of Wal-Mart where several different kinds of plants were half-price. I purchased four Hostas, a large fern, and two Bleeding Hearts. A couple plants I broke apart into several more. So, Saturday I spent four fun hours playing in the dirt.

I will update everyone on the next blog about my book, but it is not my book, it is part of all the veterans in the book and all our subvet friends who have given support along the way and still are lending a hand. I have so much to be thankful for.

As long as God grants me another tomorrow I will fill these days in a useful manner.

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