Saturday, February 11, 2012

Last week was a good week and a sad week.
I worked in the studio weaning myself of a few of my many, many books. It was a difficult job, but one that needed to be accomplished to make room for other books piled
on file boxes, my coffee table and fireplace hearth. I love kids’ books, nature books and old books. I sacked and boxed them with lots of magazines I delivered to a small
library out in the county where bears and bobcats roam. What a pleasure it was to meet head librarian Marcell; a very dedicated book lover. I am grateful to my friend Lonnie for introducing us. Remember to support the small libraries with funds and used books.

Lonnie and Valerie, both writer friends introduced MaryEllen and her blog “Five Tired Dogs” to me. Maryellen is thinking she might want to do some writing. I know one thing after visiting with her she is a natural storyteller. I love meeting new people. Last month I enjoyed the company of artists from Palette Art League in Yellville.

I sent a book query to an independent publisher and a query to a magazine. I wrote the poem “Mystic” for the word of the month/Feb on children’s author David L. Harrison blog. David asked me to provide the word for this month. I chose “supernatural.” My poem was about nature. He also placed a moon photo of mine on his blog and he titled it,
“Moon over Arkansas.” He requested poets to submit a valentine poem on Tuesday.
A picture of me reading and one I took of my neighbor is in Marvelous magazine click on – Show us your M! Relaxation.

Sad news- the neighbor cut down two Eastern Red cedars at the backyard fence line. The birds were very unhappy, so I am going to plant some trees on our side for my feathered friends.
I continue to try to live one hour at a time and to always be patience in everything

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