Thursday, February 02, 2012

GROUNDHOG DAY, this is the only day groundhogs are honored. This tradition was brought by the German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania.
Photo from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
When I lived in Idaho on the Snake River Plains high desert we knew spring was here when the Yellow-belled Marmots came out of their rocky dens.I loved to watch them sun themselves on the rocks and hear their warning whistle when I got too close.

When I was a kid in Wisconsin I went on a fox hunt and came home with two baby groundhogs that changed my feelings about wildlife. I have written a story/a rough draft on that spring adventure. I have so many stories I need one year to donate all my time to.
I love the memories I have growing up on farms – what a playground!

Enjoy the wild creatures for they have feelings too and bring a lot of joy into our lives.
Yesterday, I walked up Oakridge Mountain (discover neat items to photograph) and along the banks of White River at Bull Shoals-White River State Park. I seen eagles, but not close enough for my camera, but was able to photograph two vultures perched in a tree overlooking the river and one of the beautiful Sycamores.

This Saturday February 4, children’s author & illustrator Elaine Wilson will be at the Baxter County library at 10:30 in the children’s library for more click on I’ll be there will you?


Roxie said...

great post, Mary...the wildlife is definitely a joy to watch, I love seeing the four-legged ones scurry around and adore catching the birds chomping at my feeders! :D

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thanks Roxie for visiting my blog. I am glad you have been enjoying your birds & squirrels. I am sad tonight the neighbor cut down two juniper trees my birds loved. I guess I'll be planting some in my yard. I have to help out when I can.

Missy said...

Thanks for passing your love for all creatures along to me. I never knew that story about you gaining 2 groundhogs. Thanks for sharing.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

You are welcome Missy. Yes, there are many stories you haven't hear or read. I wish I could get them all out for everyone to read. The kids you teach and other kids would love them. Maybe, this year I'll be blessed to pass them along.