Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Come down to That Bookstore In Blytheville March 3 and see Martha Dixon, author of Triumph Beyond Measure. She will be at TBIB from 1:00-3:00.From the back-breaking work of picking cotton in the hot Arkansas sun, the daughterof a poor sharecropper, to the dressmaker for the First Lady of the United States,Martha Dixon's story is uniquely American. Starting with nothing but an entrepreneurialdrive, Ms. Dixon rose to the peak of her profession. Triumph Beyond Measure is animpossible story that became possible. A tale of a woman who believed in herselfand set her sights high. Inspirational, motivational, and steeped in lessons learnedalong the way. Triumph Beyond Measure will leave you cheering. "They said you needto crawl before you can walk," writes Ms. Dixon, "but I didn't want to walk. Nor did I want to run. I wanted to fly." Rags to riches. From the poorhouse to theWhite House. Triumph Beyond Measure is a story everyone should read.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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