Sunday, May 16, 2010

Homework poem I have written and placed on

©By Mary Nida Smith

Ah, Mom
Not again tonight.
I know,
You told me before
If I do all my homework
I’ll be smarter tomorrow.

Ah, Mom
I am already smart.
I don’t have time,
There is much
To do outside
Like exploring
And learning
About nature.

Ah, Mom
Can’t I have any fun?
Yes, Mom, I’ll hurry
I’ll do my homework
So, I’ll be smarter

Ah, Mom
When I grow up
I’ll never do homework.
I’ll play and explore
While I tell
My kids that story,
Do your homework
You’ll be smarter tomorrow.

Ah, Mom
Not again!


Missy said...

This poem is so very true. Very creative!

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Hi Missy. Thank you. Creative - no. Just the true.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Translation please. Thank you.

Missy said...

But it is creative, it takes creative thinking to write a poem that flows and makes sense.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Again, Missy you are too kind.As you have noticed I spelled "true" instead of "truth" as it was suppose to be. Never write when you
are exhausted and I am still tired. I have to slow down and enjoy the rain and fog.