Monday, October 05, 2009

Romance novelist Bobbie Smith is coming to our area. Bobbie's
books have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list.
She has published over 40 books and many short stories. I have
to pick a date, time and place that we both can agree on.
My friend Donna Volkenannt put in a good word for me.
Donna's blog is one of my followings.

I have enjoyed writing poetry and posting them on David
Harrison's blog.
I heard from Rich Davis again today with an update on his
new PICK & DRAW website
Check it out.

I sent a follow-up letter to Ladybug magazine that I
submitted to over a year ago. They requested I resubmit.
I did and today I received my standard rejection. I am again,
querying agents for my children's picture books.

I received my check today from Good Old Days magazine
for a family story of a special horse. The story will be published
in Jan/Feb issue. My photo of an outhouse with a Christmas
wreath on the door will be published in the Nov/ Dec issue of
The Ozarks Mountaineer magazine. Look for it in
The Golden Country pages of poetry.

I have had a lot of interesting things happening with my book.
Check it out on my submarine stories blog. Hopefully, I can have
the news placed there before anyone checks it out.

I purchase a new sign for my Garden Studio where I plant ideas,
watch them grow and start the work of weeding and feeding.

"Time Is Measured
By Stars and Seasons,
But, Life Is Measured
In Dreams and Love."


Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell said...

Congratulations on your recent publishing victories! I'll be watching for your upcoming story and photo.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thanks Kerri. Have a fruitful week.