Sunday, October 25, 2009

Garden Visit: I entered The Woodland Garden on October 19th
on a rare day where the sunshine sparkled through the colorful
autumn leaves. The tree trunks are turning dark as they prepare
for their winter rest. My thoughts on The Woodland Garden:

Mary, Mary quiet contrary how does your garden grow?
My garden grows in weeds you see, they come up
where they entangle me.

I pulled and pulled with all my strength,
the tall, Blue-eyed grass growing thick on the bank
of my wild woodland garden.

I spent three hours a pulling and enjoying
the fresh outdoor air. The birds flew in singing me songs
of welcome, welcome back.

The squirrels hopped by. The chipmunks peek out.
They all thanked me for entering the world
I created for all creatures; including me.


Missy said...

You painted a beautiful autumn picture of your garden in my imagination with your description.

fivecoat said...

I enjoyed this, Mary! Wasn't the sun wonderful while it lasted!?

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thank you, Missy. I love The Woodland Garden for it provides seasonal beauty I would never have the chance to see.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Kerri, yes the sunshine was wonderful,bright and warm, but short lived. The rain has washed the autumn colored leaves to the ground where they quickly turn brown - sad!