Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogs I Follow: Please enter my profile to click on the blogs I follow. Each one is filled with helpful information. Join in: read and comment. Enjoy and put what you learn into action. Boy, I need to get to work. My book Submarine Stories of World War II written for ages ten and up is sold out. I am happy and sad. It is exciting to have copies placed in museum gift shops. It has been an exciting adventure.


fivecoat said...

Wow, sold out! That's great, Mary. Can you get more copies?

Life's Beautiful Path said...

No, for I am no longer associated with this publisher. I own the rights, so I am looking for a diffent publisher where some changes and additions will be included. I would love to have a new release ready for signings when Story House Productions releases their series on Submarines of World War II and crew members stories that will shown on the History Channel.