Friday, October 16, 2009

Independent Bookstores: Hardy & Berryville, Arkansas. Hardy's Book Store, Coffee Shop & Eatery (Words&Afterwoods) is located at 201 North Spring Street. The owner is Greg Bess, he writes (Words about Books) for the new North Central magazine "AVENUES." He also own a B&B where I think it would be a wonderful week-end adventure for a couple of writers to stay while giving a workshop, or just to stay for a get-away to write without interruptions. I wish his place was in Lakeview. It is so neat!

Berryville's (Sow's Ear) bookstore features old & new books at 202 Public Square. The owner is Daniel Krotz. I have been there once and they were very busy. Also, they are very involved in making Berryville, a special place to visit and enjoy.

Readers out there, do you know of other independent bookstores? Shares with us for they are very important to all of us writers.


Life's Beautiful Path said...

Words & Afterwords website is
There is something exciting happening at the bookstore every month. Check it out.

fivecoat said...

Mary, I don't know of any independent bookstores around here, but I know of three in Kansas City: Prosperos, Rainy Day and I Love a Mystery.
Good post. Yay for the independents!

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thanks. For those who are interested we do have three used book bookstores in Mountain Home. I love books and bookstores.

John Heartbreak said...

Thanks for mentioning our little store in Berryville. I hope we weren't so busy that you felt neglected. Anyway, please stop in again and tell us all about your books and what you're writing these days. We love writers!

Life's Beautiful Path said...

John, thanks for checking in. Writers love bookstores that supports writers. oh heck, writers just love bookstores.
Berryville is a neat little town.