Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Books in Bloom Festival is the brain child of the Carroll and Madison Library Foundation. What a beautiful sunny day with no wind touching the mountain top where the ghost are known to visit the gardens at the Crescent hotel. This day white tents filled the grounds, inside were beaming authors waiting to share, sell books and enjoy visiting with their fans.

The hotel Conservatory was festooned in white, lots of windows over looking the garden with a parade of white chairs filled with extremely dedicated listeners. Five acclaimed authors shared their insight why they became writers, how personal bits and pieces of their lives are interwoven into their books. The two I had time to listen to was Carolyn Hart and J.A. Jance who made us laugh and sing a little song as they pulled us into their magical kingdom of hard work and commitment.

The twelve authors who didn't speak in the Conservatory spoke in the Readers Tent. I missed the ten authors stationed with their books in the Sows Ear Tent. The Sows Ear is a new bookstore located on the square in Berryville. I tried to take note of everything happening so much going on and so little time. I waved a quick "hi" to Radine Trees Nehring a member of the Ozarks Writers league and I sat a few, a very few minutes with Carla Kilough McClafferty, Arkansas's SCBWI Regional Advisor. Oh, I had several questions I want to ask about her book, "Something Out of Nothing".

It was great seeing and visiting with friend Veda Boyd Jones. We have known each other for about thirteen years and she gets younger looking every time I see her. Boy, has she been busy with some new chapter books for kids and other books for a total of forty-two and 300 articles. She is a member of SCBWI, Missouri Writers Guild and for many years an instructor for the Institute of Children's Literature. Veda and I learned about the the ghosts who haunt the hotel from the guide who takes visitors to the dark corners of Crescent Hotel overlooking Eureka Springs. I couldn't visit too long after all the authors were there to sell books and visit with fans.

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