Monday, May 19, 2008

Novel Writers Workshop and children's writers. Do I have some exciting news for beginners and advanced writers on how to write a romance novel. Novelist and freelance writer Terry McDermid, will be our first speaker August 15, 2008 at Bel Arco Resort Writers Workshops. There will be more information on future blogs and on my website.

It has been an up and down week. Thanks to writers friends who made it a week of encouragement. Check out Missouri Writes For Kids,
Christine Taylor-Butler, and Juvenile Writers of Kansas City they are having a conference September 20, 2008 with agents as their speakers.

More important websites to check out, Harcourt Publishers, The Historical Novel Society, and The Shades Writer

Chicago Tribune Printers Row Book Fair June 7-8.

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Rita said...

Hi Mary,
It's Rita Lorraine from The Shades Writer. Thanks so much for mentioning The Shades Writer in your May 19th post. Like you, my goal is to help aspiring writers as much as I can.

I want to return the kindness you've shown me and list your site on my blog roll.

Thanks again, and best wishes for all you do.

Rita Lorraine
aka The Shades Writer