Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gardening, recycling, authors and writers writing - Cleaning up my garden most of the time causes storms to reorganize, fungi to photograph and weeds to weed through for wildflower gems. My Woodland Garden (Producing a name for my garden was difficult, this one and The Lot kept being repeated.) is my outdoor cathedral where I find peace and restore my disconnected brain waves. I discovered the birds have been overfed. This is not winter. It is spring where we start cutting back so they will search for and get rid of bad insects, such as ticks. These pinhead size seed ticks appeared on my body like small freckles. They can't be seen, but I know they are there when the first mouth full of my flesh connects between their teeth. Don't tell me they don't have teeth for I have the wounds to prove it.

At The Friends of the Library's white sale Wednesday I bid and got the containers and smooth rocks to start my Bonsai tree. It is a mixed dark/light blue oblong glass container. This is something I have always wanted to try besides creating a Circus tree. The art of Bonsai, doesn't that sound creative and intriguing. I believe I'll start with a Chalk Maple tree. The second item I purchased is a foot tall, stunning African giraffe with ears of smooth leather to add to my animal kingdom.

One of my brain waves signals every time a product with a container enters our place that I can redesign it into a useful item and I am off into another world. I tell that part of my brain to be still and go away; I'll call it when I have time to play.

Darcy Pattison's book Novel Metamorphosis Uncommon Ways to Revise, has been released, click on http://www.darcypattison,com/ and her picture book, 19 Girls and Me was placed on Read Aloud America List 2008.
Steve Weinberg e-mailed information about his two books. The Centennial History of the Missouri Journalism School is for sale at local bookstores or through the University of Missouri Press. The profits will go directly to the Journalism School. The other book is a biography of Ida Tarbee, the inventor of investigative journalism and published by W.W. Norton. Both books sound like great reads for non-fiction readers and writers. I would love to have him come to our area to share his books and his knowledge in researching.

Check Preditors & Editors, they need the support of freelance writers and authors. This a very important website to keep us all informed of scams we will encounter as writers.

Yesterday, I sent a query to a bird magazine and an article to a military magazine. Now, maybe I will not feel so bad while I spend time working on what is called, "spring cleaning and organizing."

My friends Valerie, Lonny, Barb and I met at the cozy little library at Gainesville for our monthly meeting. These three girls are such a joy to be with. When I come home filled with added knowledge I want to set the writing world on fire -get those manuscripts polished up bright as new sparkling gem sailing off to land on the chosen editor's desk. Each one must shimmer before their eyes.
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