Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weather, gardening, websites and interesting authors. This year's weather keeps me wondering what twist in life will the storms hold. The writing life is very much like the weather it comes and goes where I never know what each day will bring me. Some days I take shelter in the Woodland Garden from the storms that blow into my writing convincing me to give up. Spending a few hours under the canape of trees as the birds serenade me smoothing my doubts. When I return to the studio I am refreshed and ready to set my world on firer for writing is where I receive rewards for stepping out.

Blogs to check on K.C.'s Write for you at http://www.kcwrite4u.blogspot.com/ today she interviews John Grogan author of Marley and Me. Mr. Grogan provides inside to writing a memoir and finding an agent. What I come away with when writing personal memoirs hidden deep within us, our writing flows easier and touches the hearts of many readers. Also check out this blog http://www.missyandcocosblog.blogspot.com it is a journal of a young lady,her little girl and their journey for all animals to be love. My little nineteen year old dachshund named Baby Girl went on her long journey a years ago April 13. She is missed. I took lots of pictures and have written two stories for children from her point of view.

This is a busy week so I hope the weather is kind to all of us. My friends who write children's books and for magazines meet Friday morning. Thursday I meet a writing friend for lunch. Saturday and Sunday are picnics to attend with my husband.

Maybe, in the next blog I can share part of an exciting adventure I will be involved in. Don't forget Arkansas Writers' Conference is June 6-7 in Little Rock. Arkansas SCBWI is getting their own personal website created by talent Phyllis Hermann and I believe it is her sister Melanie Johnson who has provided the illustrations. She is doing a great job. http://www.arkansasscbwi.org/about.html

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