Friday, January 25, 2008

The Red-headed Woodpecker's living quarters are being destroyed for cosmetic reasons. To beautify an area in the Natural State for the tourist. I thought tourist came for the beauty of wildflowers, wildlife, dogwoods, redbuds, and the forest greenery. The woodpecker begins nest-building early if snags and acorns are available. This area in our Natural State is perfect for them. I was informed there was several hundred acreage the Red-headed Woodpecker could move to. Pray tell who is directing and paying for this move. Has the woodpecker received it's eviction noticed? No, they haven't heard the sad news of their eviction for they appear happy and very busy.

On to happier times. The past two weeks have been very busy and exciting. When one gathers with friends with the same interest it can only be a happy occasion. Friday January 11 we met in Oakland the four of us to chat about the latest happening in our personal lives and our latest goals in writing for the children's market. Valerie is a wonderful cook, so we enjoyed breakfast muffins, cookies and carrot cake with coffee. What a lovely home and area to live.
Since the meeting, one of Barb's llama's had a surprise birth. She sent us pictures of the darling baby.

I enjoyed the Baxter County Friends of the Library meeting Wednesday where speaker Bill Woodiel co-author of Stone Songs on the Trail of Tears shared his knowledge of this interesting part of United States history. Stories about the treatment of Indians upsets me for we gained so much knowledge from them and continue to from the stories they shared in books. Books are a wonderful invention.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful time with freelance writer, author and journalist over a pizza lunch in my Garden Studio. She had the exciting news of signing a book deal. Kerri shared a copy of her book No immediate Threat - The Story of an American Veterans that I have started to read. I will share more on my and you can go to her website

I didn't realize when I organized my studio office that I would not be able to find things until I remember their new placement. Back to enjoying life and writing. I bet when I was born and the doctor hit me on the behind I yelled, I want to be a writer. I am still yelling it. I found out that all brains are not created equal. So be patience with me.

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