Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Darcy Pattison is coming to Baxter County Library at Mountain Home, Arkansas February 5. Register in January at the library or online at or call 870-425-3598 ext. 26. Author Darcy Pattison is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators and she teaches creative writing. To learn more about her books and career go to

Darcy will have a program Tuesday February 5, from 5-6 pm for children with her special guest Oliver K. Woodman. The children will create a craft to take home. It will be an exciting program.

At 7 pm, Darcy will present a program for adults and teens interested in creative writing. If you are thinking about writing as a career or writing family history Darcy's program "How to Write a Scene" will help you. The fee is $10 to be paid at the library.


I have a very special friend Wes Bensching whose music blows me away. Here is what people are saying about it:
Wes Bensching is a true music Mosaicist who weaves his instrumental sounds into a creative law of writing and producing.
He takes small pieces of inlaid notes formulated from several instruments to create a mosaic sound of slowly tiered water moving allowing the mind to travel to imaginary Islands of peaceful joy.
Playing Bensching's style of music is background for a relaxing evening, a candlelight dinner or keep one calm while organizing the studio office before filling the mind with the clutter of the day.
You can find titles such as Glowing Windchimes, Dragon Fly, Castles are Blue, Sister I love and Out the Window at iTunes.

I am out to save my friends the red-headed woodpeckers whose homes are being destroyed. They are on the declining species list. I am upset. Hopefully I have the Arkansas Game & Fish and the Audubon Society (I am a member.) helping me save their tree homes.

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