Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Organize & Schedule: I have been organizing my studio. It is difficult task for I must make choices on what to eliminate. If I didn't remove items that doesn't benefit my future plans once a year, I would have to tunnel in. Unimportant magazines go the library free bin and books for their next book sale.

Books I agonize over like dead heading flowers. Books are essential for a writer's survival. Dead blossoms on flowers are essential for bird feed, dried arrangements and just because I think they are pretty. I am a natural pack rat. There is a purpose for everything I gather to be used to create a craft, a model used in a drawing or work it into my writings. I love bugs for they hold so many secrets, nuts and shells, broken bird eggs and old nests, dried leaves, fungi, stones and feathers.

I have created a two month schedule to get my priorities in order with deadlines. Deadlines I put on myself are very helpful. My life as a writer changes everyday. This is the exciting part that keeps a writer writing. So... back to writing and organizing.

Watch for blog updates on how the red-headed woodpeckers as so many birds and animals are being pushed into an early death. Meeting with three other writers with writing goals for the children's market. We are working on novels, poetry, articles, and short stories. Plus, I am working on my adult non-fiction books. I will list some conferences and workshops. Post reminders of authors coming to town. Please keep in touch and check my other blog that promotes military books and information.

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Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell said...

I love the image of deadheading when I need to get rid of some books to make room for new ones.
I look forward to spending some time in your studio on Thursday!