Sunday, January 06, 2008


My studio office was designed and built in the boat alcove of our garage.
The four walls are filled with wild adventures past, present and future. There are shelves on both sides of the Dutch door. I own about 400-500 books Several working projects have branched off to rooms in the house. I can't believe how my studio can look in a couple of months after finishing several writing projects. January and February are months I try to weed out debris and removed deadfall:books, ideas, old files and just plain clutter. Once it is organized I try to spend twenty minutes before I start work to keep it organized.

I had articles on organizing the studio office published in The Owl's Hoot (Ozarks Writers League), MO Scribbles (Missouri SCBWI) and Fine Lines (SCBWI Australian Chapter) newsletters. So... I try to practice what I teach/preach.
Ideas pop-up like forbidden vines engulfing me until I say, "Yes, you can squeeze in my over-cluttered studio and mind." Well, this year of 08 ideas will be pulled and destroyed before they can become rooted. Also, this year I hope to mail what I have finished, fertilize what needs polishing, stimulate more growth on half-grown projects and bury most treasured ideas for a year.

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