Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lurch at Rocky Ridge Refuge http: 2004 Click on photos to enlarge
When my family comes to visit each year from Naperville we are always looking for unusual places to explore. August 10, 2004 we read an article in The Baxter Bulletin newspaper that Lurch was placed in the Guinness World Records book. I knew from that article this was the place to explore on October 23, 2004. We had a great time. The brave girl in the photos is my granddaughter Nicole Hoekstra. To remember this and other events I created Nicole a scrapbook with a story titled, Ozarks Vacation.
Later, I wrote an article on this visit with Lurch and the refuge for The Ozarks Mountaineer Magazine. It was published in the Jan/Feb 2006 issue. From this visit and article my son-in-law purchased the Guinness World Record Book.
To learn more about the exciting and wonderful things happening with Janice Wolf, the caregiver and the refuge click on their website . Other websites to click on is: Ellen De Generes Show,, and
Each day is an new adventure-walk the trails around the Twin Lakes area this winter. I love the walking the trails. This is what I have on my winter list to do.

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