Tuesday, November 13, 2007

God is wonderful. He always reminds me there is a bright light that always shines above the dark clouds. It is up to me to allow that light to shine for me as I go forward or stay in the shadows of gloom. Well, I have always enjoyed the sunshine with a breathe of fresh air.

I wish I could have met MWSA children's book award winner Jenny Sokol. She wrote I'm a Hero Too.

It is time I get back to the business of writing. I am working on several exciting projects: books for children and adults. I still have four children's book manuscripts, three poems and a garden essay floating in never, never land or should I say in the land of hope. We mailed 16 of my books today; a sign people are enjoying the stories in my book.

Let the sun hit your back feeling the warm comfort knowing each day is a new beginning.

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