Sunday, November 18, 2007

The colors of Autumn and Spring in my Woodland Garden makes my heart sing for joy - God indeed is the blue ribbon artist of all.
This morning five large does entered my garden. At the frightening bark of the neighbor's fenced in dog they quickly turned, with running leaps headed east. They never had the chance to linger to prune my bushes. I allow native plants to come up where they please for the wildlife and me.

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Herman (Buddy) said...

What a beautiful picture of NW Arkansas. I am a U of A alumni and was alos fortunate to have the opportunity to teach there in the late 70's. Your picture looks like the view from our back window. You probably have Dog Woods in the spring. I live near a creek in the Fort Worth area that has the feel of Arkansas. I still need a "road trip" to Arkansas several times a year.
Buddy Cox