Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Good Morning

Good morning.
All is well this morning - I think?  Facebook is still not allowing to print normal. I guess they peeked and found out what age group I belonged to and thought I needed large print. I feel I have been placed in one of these age group boxes. I refuse to go without a fight, not in a mean way, but in a gentle way.

 This is were I need a lot of God's help to do something worthwhile/meaningful each day to keep focus on the prize. I know God has a wonderful plan for me and I must be ready, if it through my writing, painting, or photography I must continue; if its not -its not. In the meanwhile I have enjoyed myself while waiting to discover His plan.

When I drew the balancing act of the worms years ago, I should have used a clock instead of books. Well I can redraw it. 

I need a small water softener,can anybody give me any pointers what to purchase and where?
When I post on my blog  you can comment on my Facebook.
Have a great day and enjoy the changing of the clouds.

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