Thursday, January 05, 2012

Updates and Good News:
I have been busy reading and mind writing to put pieces I am working on in order. Need to stay calm and not rush around setting too many goals. I must remember finish/prepare one at a time and send by snail mail or email. I will not allow negative spam to stay in my
thoughts over a second before I delete it. No worry –Be happy.

Children’s author David L. Harrison’s blog with W.O.M. (Word of the month) where we write a poem each month from a suggested word from David or one of the involved poets; it is great fun. This month’s word is “eternity.” New Year’s Day we were invited to share a poem only for that day. Mine was titled, “Cold Water and Aspirin.” Also, David and author/playwright Sandy Asher are sharing information to help writers. They started this week. Sandy was once the Missouri’s SCBWI Regional Adviser. So, we can gain a lot of knowledge from both.

44th Annual Children’s Literature Festival James C. Kirkpatrick Library, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO March 18-20, 2012 For information and registration forms visit or call 6660-543-4306 or email to

I was surprised to see my name mentioned on Flashlight Press’s blog for helping spread the word for Pobble’s Way written by Simon Van Booy and illustrated by Wendy Edelson. Dotti Enderle’s book Grandpa for Sale for ages 4-8 and 32 pages was published by Flashlight Press.

I received a card yesterday from The Wisconsin Veterans Museum and Research Center, Madison, Wisconsin that they had received my book, Submarine Stories of World War II that was requested by them to submit to their library. I am a native of Wisconsin
and Ervin O. Schmidt one of the veteran’s story in the book is from Marshfield and he also was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. It is an honor to my book in the different museums.

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