Wednesday, January 18, 2012

THE PATH THROUGH the TREES by Christopher Milne published in 1979, the full story on Winnie-the-Pooh's companion who escaped from under the shadow of his famous father. The further adventures of the author of THE ENCHANTED PLACES - The memoir of Christopher Robin's childhood. In 1979 Mr. Milne was living with his family in Dartmouth, England where they owned a bookstore.

Today, January 18th is WINNIE THE POOH DAY the birth date of A.A. Milne in 1882. The initials stand for Allen Alexander.

I have a little statue of Piglet who was one of my favorite. Maybe, it is because I raised a piglet in my house. No, not a Pot-belled pig, a pink farm pig;a runt of the litter. I fed Wiggles with a bottle. No, I never called him "Runt."

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