Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Speaking Engagements: Mary Nida Smith is a freelance writer,
author, founder and president of Twin Lakes Writers, founder and
president of North Central Children’s Writers & Illustrators, a
member of Ozarks Writers League and Missouri Writers Guild.

She wanted to promote herself as a writer and her first book.
After a lot of research she started with a website and found it too
difficult to manage. After learning that authors, businesses and other
important people were blogging and receiving attention she discovered
information about different free blog sites. She choose
At she created “Life’s Beautiful Path” to promote
herself as a writer. This is a wonderful advertising tool.

The second blog was titled after
her new book “Submarine Stories of World War II.”
Mary will share how important a blog is and what an exciting adventure
it has taken her on connecting with people with the same interest. And
where “Story House Productions” came to her for information about a
series they had in the planning stage for the Discovery Channel.
She has created blogs for different interest: Writing, crafts & recycling,
and workshops, and has published articles on the subject of blogging.


Missy said...

I follow about 20 blogs weekly including all of yours and love the ideas they share. It also allows people to network with other people and do it for free. People are making a living blogging through sponsor support. I wish I had more time to blog, but I love reading yours.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Missy, thank you for your words of encouragement. I so needed it this morning.
You did have one or two blogs that I loved, but I know as a busy teacher and planning you wedding next year can take a lot of time.
Thank you, for always being there for me.

Living Large said...

Congrats on your speaking engagement, Mary. Blogging does open a whole new world for us. I'll be a moderator on ASJA's "Finding your Niche in Blogging." at the annual conference in NYC next spring!

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thanks! Well Kerri, congratulations to you!The 40th Annual American Society of Journalists and Authors April 29-May i, 2011 in New York City, New York. That is a long ways from your country home.