Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Saturday October 2. North Central Children’s Writers & illustrators had their meeting. We were few in numbers but we read & critique manuscripts, discussed illustrating and writing a picture book and how to form your own publishing company. At the last meeting Lonnie had handed out a few sentences stating telling and we were to rewrite each one showing. We took them home, rewrote the sentences to get the attention of the reader. Show don’t tell - in learning how to write interesting stories. Our group was formed four months ago. It has been fun and interesting.

Oct 3, Church, choir practice and I took photos for the church of our guest, “New Destiny,” singing family from Mississippi. The children are so young with powerful voices. We enjoyed them and their music.

Oct 4&5, work is still being done in both bathrooms. They worked on it last week also. We had water damage and hopefully it will be finished by next week.

Oct 9th is the opening of our new library. The Donor Celebration – Champagne Brunch – 9:30 a.m. Invitation only, followed by the Dedication Ceremony at 11:30 a.m.

As the historian & photographer for our church I am continually taking pictures, so I need to get it updated before Halloween “Trunk & Treat” where I take a lot of pictures. Last year I placed them on a CD & the pastor placed them on a DVD with music. It was fun.

I squeeze in my writing. I must not complain for I know writers that were unable to do this and they had to give it up. It makes me sad when I see/hear writers or artist having to quit because of the demands on their time. I know how hard it is for I no longer draw or paint. I have always loved to draw.


Missy said...

Life is busy, remember to take a few moments for yourself each day.

Living Large said...

I agree with Missy, Mary. You read my blog on taking a day for yourself. I hear the massage therapist in Yellville is wonderful! :)

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Okay Kerri, you and Missy are ganging up on me. I know you both are right. Thanks for caring. I'll be spenting most of Sat at the library. When all the "honey-does" are finished for this year, I hope to spent a week-end by myself at a local B&B, to write and read.