Thursday, February 05, 2009

Woodland Garden and Ice Storm: I have returned from the world of ice and destruction. One day it was a beautiful crystallized landscape and the next few days it appeared as scenes from a horror movie. The demons were the ice and cold trying to destroy your mind and body.

A sad week for my Woodland Garden, where I escaped to enjoy being by myself and to watch the wildlife God created. My garden lot was for the unwanted wildlife held back from surrounded fences to enter to eat, drink, raise their young and entertain me. It was our woods.

Without trees and bushes to hide in and places to build homes will I loose my wildlife friends? I am sad for them and for me. The two woodpecker trees are untouched. Will they now become over crowded wildlife high-rise apartments? Can animals get along better than their human friends?

It will take weeks to cut, trim and remove all the debris. To keep safe from damaged limbs and trees during removal, I must remove what remains of garden items such as benches, chairs, statues and trellises.

When the garden is cleared and cleaned. I’ll have to take notes on what trees and bushes can be salvaged and where to start rebuilding. There are so many questions. I know my Woodland Garden I have loved for ten years will only be a memory created in many photos.
It was carved out of a wild overgrown wooded lot into a quiet refuge. Now, it must be re-created out of the ruins of an untamed freezing winter storm of January 2009. Above are the before and after photos. All my blogs have been updated - check them out.

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