Friday, February 27, 2009

Gardening, Library, Storm, Ideas for Writing and Blogging:
Baxter County Master Gardeners Seminar will be in a couple of weeks; check it out on their website I plan on attending to learn how gardeners will be renewing their damaged gardens. I don’t recognize my garden. I and the wildlife feel so exposed in our surroundings – no place to hide, ponder or frolic.

March 6, 10:30 am – Please be at the groundbreaking ceremony for our new Donald W. Reynolds Public Library at 300 Library Hill back of ASU Mountain Home. I’ll be there to help serve coffee. As a member of the “Friends of the Library,” I am very excited. When I move (too often) to a new area the first places I look for are the library, newspaper office and bookstore. Library website:

Every so often I click on the website of an area I have lived. I use to shop at the Air Force Base at Mountain Home, Idaho when I lived in Twin Falls, Idaho. Do you know they have an Arts Council, supporting their local creative people? Their website is I wished our Mountain Home/Baxter County had one, where all creative people could be in one place sharing ideas. is temporarily closed. Check back in a couple of days. You can register for the “Basics of Blogging Workshop” by emailing Send your $25 registration fee to Mary Nida Smith, 162 Stamford Drive, Lakeview, AR 72642. It will be $30 dollars at the door Saturday, March 7th. Thank You.

Baxter County will be picking up all our piled high storm debris. I figure by the time summer solstice provides warmer days filled with longer work days, the wasted wood will be gone. During the storm we were begging for wood for the unused fireplace. Joe, are neighbor kindly supplied us with wood. Larry Ofner kept us supplied with hot coffee. Thank you both, the electrical company and all the tree trimmers.

Life is a constant adventure usually blown in on the wing tips of the unpredictable weather. Before each storm our bodies were warmed by the southern winds, then entered the fast driven roar of the mighty north wind displaying its power over all. The warm rains angered the cold wild winds, causing a curse of heavy ice to pull down the trees to enclose us in a crypt of ice. It will be about two weeks before the roof can be repaired, the siding may not be able to be replaced (It will be about five weeks before we will know.), and the sunroom we are hoping for a solution with out removing it or a replacement. I have been trying to draw up plans so we can save the sunroom. I am not disheartened for there are so many others who have bigger concerns.

Stories ideas continue to form in the midst of each new adventure. I don’t understand when some writers will say to me, “Where do you fine ideas to write?” I say, “Look at your feet. Write down the different things about feet, shoes, shoe strings, and the list continues. The stories, articles or poetry can’t write itself, so start with a line and work up to a page. Maybe, you should start by writing a friend a letter telling her all the problems you are having with your feet and where all the wonderful places your feet can take you. Write, just write!

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