Monday, October 13, 2008

Picture book manuscripts (15), 4 poems and one published book
I am the author of SUBMARINE STORIES OF WORLD WAR II ages ten and up-published November 2007.
NO ONE WANTED ME –DACHSHUND: THE COMEBACK DACHIE (with an editor) Outline for a series of six based on facts.
POLLY WANTS A CRACKER – not just any old cracker. What kind of cracker does Polly want? Does she get her cracker? (With an editor)
COUNTING FLOWERS – all four poems are with a children’s magazine editor.
BODOOM AND SCOOTER AND THE WILD TAIL - a story of two squirrel brothers, one with an uncontrollable tail.
TRAIL OF FEARS – a series of four about nature and the environment experience by a deer family - Each book will be based on a blizzard, suburban sprawl, a flash flood and the Yellowstone fire.
THE BATTLE OF THE SEA SERPENT AND HIS PIRATE FRIEND - The battle takes place at sea where they interact with what lives in the sea and above the sea.
JIMMY’S BUBBLEGUM TOOTH – Jimmy tries to keep his older sister from pulling his tooth. The questions are, will she get the chance to pull his tooth, what schemes will she pull, will the tooth fairy ever get that tooth or will it be lost?
TWO NAUGHTY PUPPIES AND THAT CAT – Two puppy brothers were jealous of the cat that lived in the house with them and their masters. They wanted that cat out of their sight. Who wins this fight of removal or do they become friends?
WHAT WOULD CHRISTMAS BE WITHOUT A TREE - is about a two children who’s mother is divorce, they move far away to a small town where they know no one and are very poor.
TOY BEAR CIRCUS BEAR – a story of a little girl and her best friend who wanted to become a circus bear, but he would have to leave her.
RAT ATTACK – a silly, funny rhyming story about an unwelcome visitor
BUCK THE COME BACK HORSE – a story of a large farm family and their beloved horse.
BARN WITCHES AND ODD FRIENDS – At Halloween odd things happen in an old neighborhood barn. Who are the creatures in the barn and how do the neighborhood kids act toward them.
MARSH CATTAILS: The Seasons of the Cattails. A non-fiction nature/environment
SQUEAKY’S ADVENTURE – a mouse wanders away from home where it meets up with a very hungry crocodile.
CHEEZIE DENISE – Denise is a little girl who loves cheese. One day she had too much cheese and then something strange happened.

I finished two craft books with photographs and drawings for adults.
I photograph, do research on different subjects such as insects, fungi, animals and plants.
I love to explore my Woodland Garden and experience outdoor adventures.

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