Thursday, October 02, 2008

Blog Warning, photography, writers beware, warning on print cartridge.
Warning to all bloggers who put up too many photos, blog columns and another items on their blogs. It will turn a busy person away. Your blog may be filled with good information, but readers will not return if they feel they are wasting, writing time that is limited.

Don’t use flashers
Don’t add too many ads.
Don’t add advertisements that are dishonest
Don’t add large photos
Don’t add too many links

Be careful- do not bog down your blog.

Arkansas Outdoor Photographers Club (AOPC)
BatchPhoto – Powerful Watermarker Software
Free Stock Photos – U.S. Government Images Public Domain
What is copyright and how is it protected on the Internet? By Reinhardt Buys
Twin Lakes Computer Users Group

Preditors & Editors
Association of Authors’ Representatives (AAR) Literary Agents

WalMart notice on Lexmark color print cartridge: If this product is found for sale at a location other than WalMart please call …. This creates a problem when a person runs out of this cartridge and you need it now and you can’t find it at WalMart or anywhere else. No, you can’t get it refilled at Walgreens for it is considered defective. So much for trying to cut cost in a world where prices continue to rise; do other stores use these restriction on products and why?

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