Saturday, August 23, 2008

Treasures lost and The Garden Studio Office mess. Gosh, I hate it, that I was unable to attend the Baxter County Library Booksale. I love to go to booksales. For me they are an exciting unknown adventure for discovering important treasures, that propel me into different worlds, or books that allow me to peep into the lives of people who live interesting lives.

On one of my past blogs I show pictures of my Garden Studio and explain why I named it. I am continuously weeding out the old and growing new material. Today, My studio office needs weeding out for I have been so very busy working on projects. To be able to work on the projects I have seeded, I have to clear a new planning area. The studio was named and information about it was created for Darcy Pattison who asked writers to submit to her. She need this information to be able to put a booklet together to show students who ask, where do writers work.

Ozarks Creative Writers

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